Night Of The Radishes

Last Update: Jul 31, 2020

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The title, "Night Of The Radishes", sounds like the title of a horror movie. A peaceful town somewhere, everyone is sleeping in their cozy beds. The moon is full and the wind is very still, black and grey clouds dot the sky parcially covering the full moon, it's and eerie looking night, like something is about to jump out and get you. In the distance the moon is shining down revealing, movement in the bushes. Is it a cat, lurking around for dinner, a mouse scurrying away? or something more sinister? Then out of the darkness all of a sudden the moon reveals, a radish? What? A radish? Then another, and another, oh my, hundreds of them shuffling along the ground getting closer and closer I run screaming, aaaahhhhh, assassins. I run toward the town, yelling at the top of my lungs, RUN, there coming for us, everyone wake up, hide The Radishes!!!!

Well no , my imagination is running wild with this title. Lol

Here is the real story behind The Nigjt Of The Radishes.

The event has its origins in the colonial period when radishes were introduced by the Spanish. Oaxaca has a long wood carving tradition and farmers began carving radishes into figures as a way to attract customers' attention at the Christmas market, which was held in the main square on December 23.

Activity: Carving of oversized radishes

Location(s): Oaxaca, MexicoInaugurated: December 23, 1897 Date(s): December 23

After I read Diane's blog on holiday names, I found this weird and wacky holiday list, so I read down the list and found this one Holiday. I thought it was unique and right up my alley because I love radishes and growing them in my garden I get radishes as big as manderine oranges. Picture below.

you could carve a little smurf or something out of this.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Deborah

Recent Comments


Terrific Post Deborah, you should consider Sci Fi writing. Best to you.

Lol thanks EHozubin

And they're organic I bet, kinda intriguing story. I loved the title so I clicked to read more. I like eating radish with my falafel and tahini, they don't take long to grow either. Thank you for sharing.

Yep radishes crops can be planted 2 to 3 times a summer. Thanks AbleAJ

I am planning to buy a small piece of land to grow organic veggies -- Am reading up on the subject. Thank you for your comment.

You are very welcome I wish you much success in that gardening venture. Please let us know how it all transpires.

Fascinating story about the connection with Oaxaca, Mexico. How creative to use them in that way!

Have a great weekend.


Thanks Trevor I am really glad you liked it

I loved this Deborah. Your opening was so reminiscent of the late 1950's tacky B rated horror movie genre that I am a big fan of. You really set the scene. It made for a very good read, I wish there were more. Very well done, 5 thumbs up.


Thank you Greg I appreciate your thumbs up

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