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Well I took Chystohers suggestion and went through the list. International Tiger Day was definitely the option I took because the Tiger with all its beauty and majesty is my very favorite animal by far.I looked up this International Day because I didn't even know there was such a thing and you know I am so glad that I did. Tigers really do need to be given recognition, tigers numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate. These magnificent creatures need to be highly protected.Originally this was a
July 31, 2020
The title, "Night Of The Radishes", sounds like the title of a horror movie. A peaceful town somewhere, everyone is sleeping in their cozy beds. The moon is full and the wind is very still, black and grey clouds dot the sky parcially covering the full moon, it's and eerie looking night, like something is about to jump out and get you. In the distance the moon is shining down revealing, movement in the bushes. Is it a cat, lurking around for dinner, a mouse scurrying away? or something more sin
July 27, 2020
Who me? Yes you. I have been out of town for the past 6 weeks and have only posted one blog on my site in that many weeks. I have been so busy I have become complacent with my site. I do have one almost finished to post but it’s been sitting in drafts for 7 weeks I did post 1 6 weeks ago. I haven’t done any lessons for 7 weeks either. Complacent? Maybe not the right word, busy, too tired when I’m finished my shift, up at 3:00am done work at 8:00 pm. However in 2 days I have a
June 23, 2020
Today I got a message on my health site that said my health was good but it could be better when I update the PHP in Wordpress. I thought everything was automatically updated on WA. How come? Am I missing something? Do I have to update this? so yesterday I finally completed my next decorating blog. I feel good about it. I also finished my next lesson with Kyle 7 of 10 The Benifit of Being Social at WA. Now I understand more about the importance of Sovcial Media. Before WA I didn't take SM seri
So I just finished Lesson 6 of 10 in Writing a blog and my homework is to write a blog so I am off and running.I love the Sun, I think everyone does. It is a warm and happy feeling, Although I am the kind of person that as much as I love it I can't be in it as much as I want. It does bad things to my skin. So even tho I am a beach blond, darn I am not a beach bunny.To update you on my WA progress: 1 I just became an official Commenter. Yeah! So now I go to the comment on web pages and give my f
Well everyone on WA I just want to say, I am so happy, happy, happy. I learned how to add social media to my site AND!!! I just learned how to add Skype to my website. Something new I learned here at Wealthy Affiliate. I want to thank Help Center for helping me with the Skype problem which was just one more step I needed to do that I didn't realize I needed to do. Now I have the Skype Call Me Button on my website for customers long distance to call me free. Wow I am so excited. It's great to be
Hello Everyone. It's me again, wanting to encourage everyone here at Wealthy Affiliate. We're just about over the hurdle, the crisis is just about over. We are almost free and ready to run the race again. Life will be back to normal and we'll be able to visit and eat in restaurants, go to the park, swimming, and camping again. I have missed, camping under starry skies at night. Roasting hotdogs over a campfire playing my guitar and singing in front of a campfire with friends and family and I mi
June 10, 2020
Happy Father's DayTo all the Father's here in the WA Community I want to lift up a very Happy Father's Day. It's a very special day for all of you, it takes a very special person to be an awesome Dad. My Dad has been gone since 2003 and I miss him greatly. So I take this opportunity to send best wishes and heart felt yahs, and a big toast to all of you Dad'sWA A Special PlaceWe are very privileged to be a part of a community who cares about each other here at WA. Life is not always giving us an
Sometimes we all have days we get tired and need to take a break. It's good to take one day where you do nothing except what is fun and peaceful or just a good restful day. Sometimes we get to a point we wonder why we are putting so much effort into something and we get discouraged, down right frustrated. But!! 😀 not all is lost, bounce back, get on top again and back in the game. Especially if I work driving my motor coach for 6 to 7 hours straight the next day the last thing I want to
I have wanted to have a website for a few years now it was always in the back of my mind. Researching many hosting sites a lot of them just way to hard to understand with little to no help. Until I clicked on Kyle's blog review on "Is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing A Scam" through that I found Wealthy Affiliate. So I clicked on it and read the review. I know now it was the right choice for me, so I looked, I saw, I entered and discovered it's the right choice for anyone starting out in the Affilia