Life Is Good & The Sun Is Shining

Last Update: Jun 22, 2020

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So I just finished Lesson 6 of 10 in Writing a blog and my homework is to write a blog so I am off and running.

I love the Sun, I think everyone does. It is a warm and happy feeling, Although I am the kind of person that as much as I love it I can't be in it as much as I want. It does bad things to my skin. So even tho I am a beach blond, darn I am not a beach bunny.

To update you on my WA progress:

1 I just became an official Commenter. Yeah! So now I go to the comment on web pages and give my feedback on websites given to me to comment on.

2 I am slowly moving up in through ranks 5493 now. So I am purposed to continue to climb.

3 My Lessons are slow tho because I tend to put more time into my website, which I need to change now that I have 7 up and running and 3 just about ready to post.

I feel blessed to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate it is a God send.

I really enjoy all of you here in the Community of WA, I don't have any friends at home because of my job, it keeps me from socializing although the past 3 months I feel right at home in the social distancing arena.

4 I miss my little furrybaby Theodore, I've been away working in the mountains of Elkford BC driving contractors to the coal mine for the past 2 weeks.

It is definately a great job since I make 200.00 a day for a 3.5 to 4.5 hour day. Not bad, works out to 50.00 an hour for the 3.5 days and 45.00 an hour for the 4.5 days. Who could ask for better and It is a beautiful place to work. Below

Josephine Falls

The Town of Elkford from the viewpoint

what could be any better? Take care All, talk soon Deborah

Recent Comments


Well said, and fantastic progress, Deborah! Slowly but surely, you WILL get there!


Thank you Jeff.

You're very welcome!


Beautiful view and you are so blessed to have it.
Congratulations on becoming a commentator.
The sun is out, the sky is blue, there's not a cloud to spoil the view.
What could be better indeed.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Thank you Gaz. Yes it is beautiful and I am very blessed to be here. Take care.

You're doing just fine Deborah. Pace yourself so that your writing co-insides with your lessons. If you need to, it's alright to go back and refresh yourself. So much info it's easy to miss something.


Thank you Greg. Sometimes you just need to jear it.

Sorry hear it

You’re doing great!

Thank you Joe I really appreciate your comment. Its good to get that pat on the back, so to dpeak, once inawhile. Thats why I love WA and this community. Take care.

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