Managing Stress during Covid-19

Last Update: Apr 3, 2020

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If you feeling worried, anxious, or depressed you are not alone. These are normal emotions to feel when facing a crisis. Mental health is a continuum and any sign given moment, you might find yourself shifting up and down the continuum based on what is going on around you, Everyone needs to protect their mental health during this time of Covid 19.

To help you cope better and manage your stress during this time, below is few tips that can help, if or when you find yourself in this situation.

  • Be informed, prepare and avoid panic.
  • Keep connected.
  • Talk to your children .
  • Create a routine and structure your days in lock down or self isolation.
  • Practice good self care.

If you need help in coping or managing stress during this time, contact a mental health professional. If you are in South Africa you can join the South African Depression and Anxiety Group(

Happy Friday my WA Family, have a great weekend!!!

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Hi Fiona, thanks for a timely reminder. Stress is caused by fear (false evidence appearing real) and lack of knowledge. If we take our time and go one step at a time, it makes life just a little easier.
thank you again for keeping us all out of harms way.
have a great day

You are welcome Stephen and you are right stress is false evidence appearing to be real. You won't believe how it's gone from bad to worse here in South Africa.Check my next blog!

Hi Fiona, I don't live in South Africa anymore, still have family there though. Thanks for sharing on this very important topic.

Thank you Elize, that is great to know :) Wishing you success!

Fighting anxiety is the hardest part for most of us
And the uncertainty of how things will evolve indeed
Let us keep faith and seek the roots of our anxiety
And work on them to be healed...


Thank you Fleeky and Amen to that 🙏🙏🙏

Amen... stay blessed
Let us pray for each other

What's great post

Thank you B:)

Good information for all, thank for sharing.

Have a bless day.


Thank you Elizabeth :)

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