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April 09, 2020
My WA Family,l will be away from WA platform for a while, l will let you know when I am back. I will miss all of you.Thank you for all the support l got from all of you.Until then Cheers ♥️♥️♥️
l have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for just above 2 months and there are very nice people here and there are not very nice people but that is the world we live in we can not change that we can only adjust and live with both. We are here in this community to help each other not humiliate each other or bully one another. This community is by people for the people let us all treat it that way and not let Kyle and Carson's hardwork go in vein.If a community member makes a mistake or misunderstoo
Covid-19 Government Home Screening Programme.The South African Government is currently rolling out an extensive field screening programme to get South Africans tested for Covid-19 virus. In the next coming days around 10 000 field workers will visit homes in urban and rural areas to test for the virus.To ensure the safety of the community, the following criteria will be met:Field workers will have ID badges so that can be easily identified.All fieldworkers will wear same T-shirts and will be r
April 06, 2020
The willingness to do the things, people will not do today determines how you will become successful after the Covid-19 season. If you do what is always easy in life, your life will be hard. Do what is hard and make your life easy, Wealthy people never complains about the economy.Let us get to work on something today for the better tomorrow.Happy Monday my WA Family!!!
Activate self desciplineSix months from now, what actions will you be thankful you took today? Three years from now what temptations will you be thankful you have resisted today? In the current moment, self disciple can feel like a bother an imposition that cramps your style. Yet over time it feels like satisfaction, achievement , strength and confidence. Your choice today have a major impact on the quality of your future. Now is your opportunity to make the choice that lead to desirable future
April 04, 2020
Money Credits available grab yours today!My WA Family for the past couple of weeks most family members have been asking about credits on Site Comments. I was there today it seems that the money credit is available. And please note it has not increased it is still a whopping $ 0.50 you can grab yours today while stock last :)And hold on a bit no stampit please everyone wake slow no running you will get there. I have made couple of bucks already so l am kind enough to leave some for my family mem
If you feeling worried, anxious, or depressed you are not alone. These are normal emotions to feel when facing a crisis. Mental health is a continuum and any sign given moment, you might find yourself shifting up and down the continuum based on what is going on around you, Everyone needs to protect their mental health during this time of Covid 19. To help you cope better and manage your stress during this time, below is few tips that can help, if or when you find yourself in this situation.Be
April 02, 2020
Two of my articles are indexed yeeeeeeyHave a fantastic Wednesday my WA Family!!!
Flatten The Curve and what you can do to helpHere is how to flatten the curve do your part, slow down the spread of Covid-19 virus as much as possible. Adhere to the lockdown protocols Stay at home, that means no visitors or visiting, play dates for children, coffee with friends or even religious services and gathering.Pray at home and only go out when necessary, to the supermarket, pharmacy or to get medical assistance.Take all precautions while at home. Do not share personal items, clean high
IndexedMr Google Loves me and l love him back, On Sunday night after 10pm l purchased a new domain as l was not happy with the current one. The following day at the same time Mr Google did his job and indexed my website. I am mourning my nephew but Mr Google made me forget a bit about it. Thank you to my mentor Jeffreybs, l am not sure where he is hope he is alright where ever he is l tried to reach out to him with no success .Today Tuesday 31 March is my second month and ten days here at WA (2