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Last Update: March 26, 2019

Hi Folks,

I was looking for other ways to make a living online while my WA business starts to grow. I have a full time job but I feel that I would like to be working on my computer more to get where I want to go.

I say an ad for how to become a virtual assistant by ding an online course, in the testimonials some of the incomes stated were approaching $5,000 per month. So I thought that would be nice! while my affiliate marketing business was taking off hopefully.

Has anybody out there any experience of virtual assistant training or experience of how it all works

Thanks for reading

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CandP Premium
Hello Fintan!
I recently looked into Virtual Assistant training and did an in-depth review of one of the programs out there. The review might be helpful to you. I even communicated directly with the owner. This is the best course out there in my opinion.
If you would like to read the review, please send me a PM.
Colette (of C & P)
dragonfly10 Premium
I have not. But I would love to hear about what you find out. because I need one in the worse way,