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March 16, 2020
Yippee two years at WA and counting, it's been quite a learning curve, I'm still learning but happy with the direction I'm going. Best to all Fintan
Over the past week and while checking Google analytics I noticed a huge drop in website visitors, today I confirmed that Google analytics isn't functioning properly on my website. I know this because I requested website commenters of which I received 3, none of these are reported in Google analytics.Has anyone else found that Google analytics isn't working properly?
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At the beginning I choose a health niche mainly because I have used so many natural products over the years that worked for me. I'm kinda at a crossroads, 21 months, written 200 pages/posts,123 clicks from 3 affiliate links, Amazon by far the best converting 9.87% 133 sales in total between the three affiliate links total income for 21 months work $700. I have listened to all the best training, I'm doing SEO to the best of my ability, I use Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube to
September 23, 2019
Hi All,I’m looking for some guidance especially from anyone in the community that started a health website and built it into a reliable source of income.I’m at a point having written nearly 200 posts pages blogs about different health conditions etc When I google keywords that I have focused on when writing unique quality content all I see are the usual top health sites like webmd and others.I feel that these sites are on the first page of google because of their authority and the n
June 13, 2019
Hi everyone,I have just spotted this article about many Wordpress sites being down yesterday, has anybody had problems, I dont think my sites were down.
Has anybody heard of a clickbank program at $27 a month subscription where you get access to training and a database of thousands of companies that sell photos for people to download.Basically you use your camera to take pictures of all kinds of everyday things you upload to their database, somebody pays to download your pictures then you get paid ever time somebody downloads the picture.They work with some big brands, Flickr, Shutterstock etc, if you have any experience with this company pleas
May 02, 2019
I sometimes wonder about the accuracy of Jaxxy, time after time I will enter a keyword that was recommended by Jaxxy on which I would have written a lengthy page or post. I want to track the rankings of that particular keyword so I enter it along with my website into Jaxxy, the system will do a search and return no results found in Google, Bing, Yahoo. I then go to Bing and enter the same keyword to find it number one on Bing.! Why is this, the keyword is number one on bing and Yahoo yet Jaxxy
April 11, 2019
Ready made stores is a website partner business whereby they provide a ready made niche store of choice google optimized for less than €1500 plus €30 per month. It looks too good to be true has anybody any experience of success or failure through this website business?They offer online support as well as a commission if you sell some of their sites
March 26, 2019
Hi Folks,I was looking for other ways to make a living online while my WA business starts to grow. I have a full time job but I feel that I would like to be working on my computer more to get where I want to go.I say an ad for how to become a virtual assistant by ding an online course, in the testimonials some of the incomes stated were approaching $5,000 per month. So I thought that would be nice! while my affiliate marketing business was taking off hopefully.Has anybody out there any experien
I am so saddened by what has happened in Christchurch.It is beyond my comprehension why anyone could go into a place of worship and kill so many people.May the dead rest in peace we hope that those on the critical list will survive.Our prayers are with the families.