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Last Update: May 24, 2019

Has anybody heard of a clickbank program at $27 a month subscription where you get access to training and a database of thousands of companies that sell photos for people to download.

Basically you use your camera to take pictures of all kinds of everyday things you upload to their database, somebody pays to download your pictures then you get paid ever time somebody downloads the picture.

They work with some big brands, Flickr, Shutterstock etc, if you have any experience with this company please share, I'm thinking of joining!

Looks too easy

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CandP Premium
Fintan. Just looked at your post again. We think you have misunderstood this website. If you join, you do not upload your photographs to that website. All that website purports to do is show you how to make money out of stock photography and then they simply give you the names of the most popular stock photography websites, like Shutterstock, Pixels, etc., for you to upload your photographs there. has no relationship with any of those websites so you are on your own in getting an account set up with them.
Let us know if you have any other questions.
Colette and Philip
CandP Premium
Hi Fintan
We did an in depth review on this website a few months ago and ended up giving it a 'not reccommended' and a rating of 2 out of 10.
All you will find on the website is masses of videos and 'tutorials' all of which are very old and which are themselves lifted from the internet, mainly YouTube. There is no original content at all except for a tutorial on getting started in stock photography.
The jobs directory likewise, in our opinion, is next to useless.
I can send you a link to our review (we believe that is allowed under the rules here), just send us a private message if you would like us to do that.
Colette and Philip
JonLake Premium
Personally I would not pay a monthly fee when you can just go to the Sites and upload them yourself for free. Plus, with there being so many free image sites nowadays (like Pixabay) I am not sure how many people actually pay for images anymore.
Just my perception.
Fintyd Premium
Hi Jon,
Hope all is well, thanks for your comment, you make a good point about people being able to get so many free images on the web! having said that I have actually paid for images myself, but only in about 2% of the time, I use as many free images as possible, so maybe you are correct there isn't the market for paid images.