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Last Update: September 17, 2018

Wealthy Affiliate is an Open Education Project website with an all-inclusive affiliate marketing training platform suitable for beginners and affiliates of all levels. Read on to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate. Here is the WA members' shared Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Wealthy affiliate is an excellent hands-on affiliate marketing training platform. Earn while you learn. With WordPress ready web hosting, Jaaxy's keyword research tools, an active Wealthy Affiliate community, and access to the owners Kyle & Carson who really care about your success, if you ask me "is Wealthy Affiliate worth it", my answer is "Heck Yeah" it's more than worth it. The information provided here at Wealthy Affiliate is PRICELESS comparing to all other non-sense platforms that claim you can make thousands of dollars in your first few weeks which are full of B.S. and scams you should avoid. As any experienced and successful affiliates know, it takes time & effort to build a solid foundation that produces the income you desire. Stick around long enough and you might find yourself earning 6 figures or more as you progress through with the training here at Wealthy Affiliate. Grace, aka: littlemama, and JerryHuang are proofs that Wealthy Affiliate works if you do. They applied the training learned here at Wealthy Affiliate with results exceed expectation. They're enjoying the good money earned with their affiliate marketing business thanks to Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Make Money Online With Wealthy Affiliate?

There are countless of ways you can make money online with Wealthy Affiliate, and of-course everything revolve around affiliate marketing. You can generate revenue with Amazon reviewing products you see on their websites. You can promote other "legit" affiliate programs and get paid, and if you choose to promote Wealthy Affiliate that's where the REAL money is. Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT. Wealthy Affiliate's training is AWESOME. Wealthy Affiliate pays its affiliates "RECURRING COMMISSIONS". As an affiliate you will want to earn residual income because it's the kind of paycheck that keeps growing and you continue to get paid for the work you've done forever. Great right? HECK YEAH. Residual income is the way to financial freedom!

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You?

You can earn consistent revenues simply by sharing awesome training and blog content with others and referring them to the Wealthy Affiliate community so they too can learn to earn their first dollars online.

  • Wealthy Affiliate pays its affiliates on the 1st of every month.
  • Receive your commissions by Paypal.

If you not yet know about the Wealthy Affiliate's Affiliate Program, you need to learn more about this exciting affiliate program and start referring others to Wealthy Affiliate because Wealthy Affiliate has the BEST affiliate program that pays recurring commissions in the affiliate marketing industry. Do so only if you want to earn residual income :) See program details here: and update your payment settings here:

In conclusion, this post is intended to share about Wealthy Affiliate and why being a WA member is the best choice when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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FLively1 Premium
I was offered the adventure by a man from Austrailia that I will likely never meet and he promised me I could become a member of the system for no $$ up front and then if I wanted to, I could
upgrade, but even if I didn't, I would have two websites FREE and the group and the owners would teach me how to begin making $$$ online. I have learned at least one thing, I love it here.
CandP Premium
What we love most about WA is that it is authentic. There is nothing else out there that has the same credibility as this platform. Nothing.
Colette and Philip
fervor Premium
Hi CandP,
Can you state the "why?" you think WA is authentic, and "why?" nothing else out there that has the same credibility as this platform? I would need evident to support what you say :)
CandP Premium
It is authentic because everything is explained up-front. You know the cost coming in and there are no 'additional fees'. Everything is included in an easy to understand way. You know what is included as a Starter Member, and you know what is included as a Premium Member.

It is credible because there are no ridiculous promises of generating great wealth in 'just a few weeks'. The fact that they inform you that you will have to work to succeed, just as in any business on or offline, rings of credibility to us.

The owners, Kyle and Carson, look like real guys, with their lovely young families. Not sleazebags standing in front of expensive cars and houses, wearing loud jewelry. This lends credibility to us as well. They downplay themselves and this, too, seems much more authentic.

Thanks for asking!

Colette and Philip
marycmiller Premium
Great post, I thinks both the training and the community are the great things about WA. But the Pay-IT-Forward is by the the best part though, instead of competing with each other we are working together for a common good of the members.