Writers Block?

Last Update: August 25, 2020

So... Is it just me or does everyone get to a point where you just hit a wall and you can't write what you need to for your content for your website? Maybe its just me, and I am as usual thinking to much into it. I know I need to just write about the content, but I am having a hard time writing about the product with out writing about the product does that make sense? I work for a company and building my business off of their products which consists of: makeup, skincare, men products, cleaning products, hair products etc... Everything I start to write just doesn't seem good enough, and I start over. I have gone ahead and submitted my website for review to Mike as he said he would look over and tell me what I can do to make it better. I have my about me page, testimony page, before and after pic page, privacy and policy page, some of my favorite product page, now I am just trying to sort out what would be the best. Then on top of that I feel like the layout isn't working either, so I am rethinking that. Oh to be indecisive and critical is a pain, but I want it to be just right. The whole purpose is to bring me more traffic, just like everyone I am sure. I just don't know what to do, comments and ideas are much appreciated.

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Farah20 Premium
Write a list of topic headings and that way, you'll have ideas of potential content for the future. e.g, 'benefits of natural makeup' or 'Avoid toxic products' - listen to some music to help stir up words or read useful information.
Just write down what you believe and references help too!
Eugene Premium Plus
Stephanie, just use Jaaxy to get your prime keywords and write content around them. You'll never run out of ideas. We have an awesome platform and it's all here within the WA mansion (as I like to call it)😃😃
LMH1968 Premium Plus
I believe it happens to most people
ShaunnaLynne Premium
We all can hit a 'block', especially when starting out. Keep writing! The more you write, the less writers block happens.
Hang in there!
feigner Premium
the problem i that others are starting to use words like - i will see what needs improving' this has already put doubt in your head that your site is not good enough.....
seriously - a plain white background with a header and logo isgood enough to start with.....
get content written, you say that you are promoting load of products - take each of the benefits of each product and develop a piece of content about it - do some digging....
ideally you want to get about 30 articlles on your site ...then you can take a breath and look at styling your site - but don't make it too busy, asvisitors are coming to read your content rather than be distracted with flashing ads...
remember it is your business - start a test site with the same theme and play around with the styling of that one to get it looking good...
have fun
i ifnd answerthepublicdotcom a good resource tofind questions for niches or products - check forums, groups and anywhere else your niche hangs out to find their problems and answer them....then tell them about it...
Farmbeauty34 Premium
Thanks for the advice. I think because I can get confused easily I have confused myself with the best route to go. I feel like my theme just has me more confused and that is one of my biggest problems. But I think I will take your advice and clear out to just a white background and go from there. Thanks a bunches, I appreciate you!
feigner Premium
it is very easy at the start to get overwhlemed with what needs to be done.
as i say it is worth creating a test siterubix ssite to have ago with your theme to get it how youwant it - or change to another theme if it can't do it ...
but conentrate on getting content onto your site Stephanie.