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I came across some interesting information and I am bound and determined to commit 90 days to see where I get with all this information. I figured I would share this because I thought it was empowering and I like the idea behind it. And maybe it will help someone else too. Questions you want to ask yourself: -What keeps you going?-Why are you doing what you are doing?-Why do you want to do what you are doing?Remember you are 100% in control of what you choose to do daily. 1) Gratitude2) Surrend
So excited, I got some really great news at work. Things are looking up for me, I am so excited about how this year is starting out for my family and me. Not only did I get the confirmation and a more exact date to when we are moving, but I also got a great opportunity offered to me at my job... It is no raise or anything but it is a better shift, and they are jumping through hoops to ensure I am happy with it, and it is what I need for my daughter and homeschooling her... I am making excellent
January 06, 2021
Already, and doing great!!! I did hear about some unfortunate news about my brother (he is still alive) but his life decisions have not been great and now he has to suffer the consequences... I feel bad of course and I don't want anything bad to happen to him, but everyone tried to warn him what could happen, and he refused to listen and always acted as though he was invincible... He never cared about how it would affect us his family, so we have had to sit back and watch it lead to this... I l
Hey everyone, I really hope that everyone's holidays were good this year, I am sure a lot of you like me are over 2020... But guess what it is almost over, and 2021 well I hope that it is a better year for all involved. I know everyone has been impacted one way or another... I am still here, just had to step back for some personal health issues... Things are looking up on my end and I foresee jumping back into what I started here at WA in the next month or so. I am in the process of packing and
August 25, 2020
So... Is it just me or does everyone get to a point where you just hit a wall and you can't write what you need to for your content for your website? Maybe its just me, and I am as usual thinking to much into it. I know I need to just write about the content, but I am having a hard time writing about the product with out writing about the product does that make sense? I work for a company and building my business off of their products which consists of: makeup, skincare, men products, cleaning
August 19, 2020
They say that a butterfly represents more than one thing, I personally believe they can send you signs to look for in life that can be for the better. I love butterflies they are the most beautiful creatures that I have ever come acrossed and the things that they represent and symbolize couldn't be more true. Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of Life. In some instances butterflies are associated with our souls, and people from around the world view the butterfly as representing
August 18, 2020
I am so totally slacking, as far as updating on my progress...First and foremost I can't stress how important it is to go through the training exactly as they are laid out. I hit a road block a few weeks ago that had me stumped for close to a month and it really wasn't even a road block, it was my lack of following the simplest instructions. I was stuck on Getting Started Level 1 Lesson 4. All because I wasn't following the lesson as it was laid out. I know I am not the only one that gets overl
August 10, 2020
I am a Failure...I am Failing, so that makes me a failure... At least that is what I have been telling myself for the last several months. Until today... That all stops!!!I have been comparing myself to everyone else's accomplishments, but not sitting back and looking at my own accomplishments that I make on a daily basis. All to often we compare our selves to someone else, and lose sight of what is really important. We all go through many different things, and here recently we have all been fa
June 10, 2020
Today, for the first time in my life I feel as though I am choosing the correct path that is right for me in my life. I am not listening to what others feel is right, I am not doubting myself, or questioning my every thought whether or not this is right. For once in my own life I am taking my own advice. I always sit here and tell all my friends and family this one thing to help them get through their challenges or to help them see the light or the right path they need to choose but never do I