Progress Report.

Last Update: August 18, 2020

I am so totally slacking, as far as updating on my progress...

First and foremost I can't stress how important it is to go through the training exactly as they are laid out. I hit a road block a few weeks ago that had me stumped for close to a month and it really wasn't even a road block, it was my lack of following the simplest instructions. I was stuck on Getting Started Level 1 Lesson 4. All because I wasn't following the lesson as it was laid out. I know I am not the only one that gets overly excited and wants to navigate ahead without instructions to do so.... Well that was me, I was trying to do it all, and I was lost. Let me tell you what happened, I got to building your website in 30 seconds!!! First of all I read way too much into that, I was literally trying to figure out how to build my "whole website" in 30 seconds, content and all!! Has anyone else done this or is it just me??? It took me a month to even ask a question before I realized I was doing it all totally wrong.

Let me explain something about me, I am extremely independent, and I hate asking for help.... I dislike using the word hate because it is such a strong word, however this whole asking for help, I feel very strongly not too... They say that God works in mysterious ways, well let me tell you, he likes to test me. I will go forever trying to figure out what I need to do, to correct something, what I need to do to make it right, or what I have to do to complete something on my own till I get it done. That is me, it is who I am and I can't control it, and each time I know that when I finally ask for help, the answer will be right there and I no longer need the help. I always find the answer before I get a response back.

Well that is exactly what happened, I was trying to build my whole website in 30 seconds, until finally I asked Mike, I was like either I am reading into this way too much, or not enough. I was asking him how to change the color of the fonts, how to add my content, all sorts of crazy questions, that had I just simply followed the training I probably would have already had my website on google. A month wasted because I had to be like "oh, I can do this, common sense here, just add a little of this here, and put that there, OK I am done", if only it was that simple. Once I asked Mike, I decided to go back and skim ahead and don't you know the answers to all my questions were in the next lessons. So I was like, "WOW, Stephanie you have out done yourself here!" I went back and apologized to Mike like yea just a major blonde moment on my part. I just couldn't believe myself.

So, what ever you do, follow the training, and ask questions... Please don't be like me, because I feel like this was a huge set back, a month wasted, all because I couldn't follow the simplest directions.

The sad part about all of this, is I sat and told everyone to follow the training, you will go far if you do just that, and here I wasn't even doing that... LOL I am good at giving the advice just terrible at listening to it.

Don't let your excitement carry you, you carry your excitement otherwise these crucial mistakes happen.


That I know I just need to follow the training exactly to the "T", I am doing so much better. I have more confidence in what I am doing, and also in myself. I am still very excited, but I am carrying it, and I have control of it, as to oppose it having control of me and carrying me away. I am really inspired by myself, and what I am capable of, makes me more excited each and every day. I have daily goals and weekly goals that I am working on. I did have one minor set back that made me miss my first big goal for myself which was getting my website to Mike for review this past weekend. Because of that set back, I now know who my true friends are, and who people are really willing to help out when someone is in need. SO... with that said just working around what I originally planned, and hoping to have it submitted to Mike for review by Wednesday of this week. Just really taking it day by day.

But I am secretly jumping for joy and excitement in the background, ssssshhhhhh don't tell anyone!

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LMH1968 Premium Plus
Thank you very much for sharing
JeffreyBrown Premium
Happens to us all, I'm afraid! Human nature at its very best!

Farah20 Premium
I went through the same thing! I rushed and choose any website theme without thouroghly checking it, ended up having to choose another theme and wasted major time!
Its important to work through each lesson properly, with ease as you are actually speeding better unknowingly, by doing that. Totally agree!
Charisma6 Premium
Thanks for sharing, i just started building my website too and i agree you can get excited and skip through some of the steps in the training but i am learning to be patient and to take the training one step at a time.
Farmbeauty34 Premium
Thanks so much for reading and responding, I am so glad I am not alone! It took me a whole month to realize I just need to be patient... So definitely just follow the trainings as they are laid out step by step, and you learn so much. I am finishing up on level 2 and about to start level 3, and this all happened last week. So if you have the time just be patient and everything will fall into place as it should. I am following you now! Goodluck on all your endeavors.