Last Update: June 10, 2020

Today, for the first time in my life I feel as though I am choosing the correct path that is right for me in my life. I am not listening to what others feel is right, I am not doubting myself, or questioning my every thought whether or not this is right. For once in my own life I am taking my own advice. I always sit here and tell all my friends and family this one thing to help them get through their challenges or to help them see the light or the right path they need to choose but never do I ever take my own advice until today.

My piece of advice that I share, my metaphor so to speak: The reason that your rearview mirror in your car is so small and your windshield is so big, is because what is behind you is irrelavent to what is in front of you. The decisions you made yesterday can no longer be changed, it is done and over with. But the decisions you make today and tomorrow is what is important. The decisions you make today guide you to your paths tomorrow, and the next day, and next month and next year. We can either sit here and dwell on what we did yesterday or we can change it today and make a better decision for our future. But it is only up to us, we can't force someone to change to be better, we can't hold their hands till they finally make that one decision that is going to change everything for the better. We can only do for ourselves what we want to be different.

I probably have offered that piece of advice several times a month for the last 10 years when I was just starting to understand what life was actually like as an adult, and there was no way I was ever going to get the chance to be a kid again. Ahh the ripe 24 years old when I realised I was definitely done adulting, but I had to keep pushing forward because well that is just what we do. So when you do the math on it I probably have given that piece of advice 360 times that is 5 days shy of one time every day for a year. Pretty insane right, and Today is the day I finally take that advice, my own advice, funny how things work out.

I haven't been with WA for very long, in fact as soon as I started diving into training's and getting interested I was pulled away for some personal stuff, and it has been close to two weeks since I started. So far the amount of people that have messaged me, and all the kind words with advice and offerings when I need help have been through the roof phenomenal. With everything going on in the world today it makes it so hard to see the amazing people that are still out there because of everything you see on the news, and social media (which by the way I don't watch either) but I always manage to hear the stories. I logged onto WA today and I went through all my comments, and likes and messages and I was in aww. For the first time today I felt like I was where I belonged, and I have so much confidence in myself it is unreal. I am not confused as to where my path is going or which turn I should make next, because I know what ever decision I make, what ever path I decide to take I have this amazing community that will help me and support me. For that I am truly blessed and grateful.

Thank you everyone here at WA community you have made my whole world 100 times better, you all are truly something amazing. I just hope that when I get somewhere in my businesses I can offer something great for someone else just starting out too...

Stay safe all,

Stephanie (Farmbeauty34)

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Very nice post, Stephanie! Thanks for sharing!

Farmbeauty34 Premium
Thank you for your comment, means a lot.
JeffreyBrown Premium
You're very welcome, Stephanie!

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Stephanie, looks like you have just had that breakthrough moment.

We are in the right place, the community, knowledge and resources are amazing.

Congratulations on sharing your first WA post.

Keep going, create your space and online presence.

You will do well.