90 Day Commit to build my business.

Last Update: January 18, 2021

I came across some interesting information and I am bound and determined to commit 90 days to see where I get with all this information. I figured I would share this because I thought it was empowering and I like the idea behind it. And maybe it will help someone else too.

Questions you want to ask yourself: -What keeps you going?

-Why are you doing what you are doing?

-Why do you want to do what you are doing?

Remember you are 100% in control of what you choose to do daily.

1) Gratitude

2) Surrender

3) Confidence

4) Belief

5) Energy

6) Intentional Work

7) Analyze Backwards

Are you a snoozer? If you are a snoozer you are training your brain at the beginning of the day to be a procrastinator. How far do you really think you will get done in your day if the first thing you do is push the snooze button?

** I personally never thought about this being an issue, but I am the biggest snoozer ever, I will set 3-4 alarms and snooze them all and they will continuously go off every 10 mins for an hour before I decide to get up. I do what I need to do when it comes to taking care of my daughter, but my lists for each day will never get done! I constantly think to myself tomorrow, I can push this off till tomorrow, and each day that is what I tell myself. The problem is at the end of each day I feel like I have not gotten anything done, because I procrastinated on everything throughout the entire day. Starting with the damn snooze button on my phone, go figure!

The goal is to pick a time to wake up every morning and then pick a time to go to bed every night. Stay consistent with those times every day, if you choose to wake up at 7:00 am every morning and 10:00 pm every night then that is what you choose, and make sure you do it 7 days a week. Just because Saturday and Sunday come around don't sleep in, get up!

The idea is to rewire your brain to commit, to be diligent, and to take action!!!

We have to be intentional with our time, we can't be procrastinators by hitting the snooze button. We will never get anywhere!

Set your alarm to wake up 10 mins early, you are going to spend 5 mins in "Gratitude". -Thank God for what you have, be grateful for what you have. Don't think about what you don't have, because there is a lot of people that have a lot less than you. Just remember that! In the next 5 mins, you are going to "Surrender" the outcome of your business to God. Yes, you are in control of your day, but he is in control of your life- we are not promised tomorrow. Work with "Joy" because God gave you the opportunity to do so. --"Before you were Born, I Set you Apart"!

(Please note I am by no means saying you have to choose my way it could be whoever you look up to that gives your life meaning)

We have to have an entrepreneur mindset, we set control of how our lives go!

Confidence- What are your Strengths?

Make a list of all your strengths, Make 2 or 3 or 5 or 10 lists and have them everywhere. Read it to yourself every day, stop beating yourself down. Every day you read it, you build confidence and you will then believe in yourself.

How many of you feel like you don't have the confidence to move forward some days? I know I can personally say I lack confidence a lot of days, and that just spurs from how I have wired my brain to believe that I can't do certain things. Right now being a leader scares the crap out of me, like what if I don't do it right, what if I fail at being a leader, or I forget something or someone. What if I don't learn all I need to learn in my business to be successful enough. But the thing is I am a "leader" I don't follow no one, I am my own person and I make my own decisions. Do I make mistakes? Well of course, because I am not perfect... But, there is a but, it's all about how you come back from those mistakes, and what you learn from them!

Belief- Speak life into yourself and then believe it. Falls under the whole confidence category, as I said above: write it, read it, build confidence, and in turn, you will believe!

Energy- For me personally, my business involves a lot of writing, making videos, going live, writing posts, etc. I am sure a lot of you have businesses like that or you are building your business like that to attract more people to you right. So you have to have the right tone and energy for just about everything I listed above. Without the right tone it will set your energy off, and with your energy off people will sense it or see it and they will steer away from you. Which is the last thing you want, especially if you need customers or clients. Right? Listen to music that makes you happy, or gets you pumped up before you go to do anything and it will help you in the long one. If your mind is pumped up, then your tone and energy will show in whatever you are doing.

Intentional Work- Pick a day for me I choose Sunday. Sit down on that day you choose and write down your schedule for the week. Make sure you are very intentional with the time of your business, your family, routines, so on and so forth. If you have shared responsibilities with your significant other, figure out what needs to be done for the week for each of you, and then pencil in what you can do around those times for your business. Be specific.

Analyze Backwards- Yes you read that right. If you are someone that over analyzes you are creating a path in your brain to believe it. So...

Think about your day: - What worked? -What did you enjoy? -What didn't work? and write your answers down each night. That way you can regroup in your mind and figure out what needs to be changed.

If you think you want to try it out do a 90-day commit and see what happens in those 90 days with you and your business. Let me know how it goes.


Do what you enjoy!!!

Be Positive...

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JeffreyBrown Premium
Sounds like a plan, Stephanie! Best success to you!

GeoffreyC1 Premium
I'd rather work late, as I do, rather than get up early. I have always had problems getting out of bed. Even if it is to go on holiday!!
Farmbeauty34 Premium
You and me both. But I am trying to implement a routine on my daughter that she would do everyday before school and if I can't get up early how is she going to. Plus right now she is 100% dependent on me and I would to see her become more independent and she can't do that if I procrastinate to do things. New year, new changes, better life...
Farmbeauty34 Premium
I guess there is a limit on these comments... Lol and I reached it...

Let's try this again!

For some people they can work late and get all they need to get done and still get out of bed at a time they choose and accomplish all they need to each day. Others like myself I will work late sleep late and then procrastinate and nothing ever gets done. I always complain that there is never enough hours in the day and I can never accomplish what I want... Excuses I know but that's my fault, so I thought what can I do to fix my bad habits and I was actually already trying to figure it out. When the information fell in my lap. I was like perfect. Here we go... Lol

But thanks for sharing
Only1Hugh Premium
Excellent post here Stephanie. For those of us that do have procrastination bad, commitment and consistent action to a process of change is the first step in rewiring your brain as you advise. This indeed will give you the confidence and belief that your goals can be achieved. You begin to turnaround and feel more like a winner exhilarated with each coming day. Wishing you every success.
Farmbeauty34 Premium
Thanks so much I am excited to see where I get with it...