Is this a genuine email?

Last Update: August 03, 2020

Hello WA family!

I have been here two months only now and been getting odd emails recently about my website. I even got one from a writer from fiverr from Bangledesh, wanting to help me with my website?!! What?

This one below is about providing my website with some assistance that I feel just seems like spam.

From: Mike Gilbert <>
Subject: New: DA50 for

Message Body:
Gооd dаy!
If you want to get ahead of your competition, have a higher Domain Authority score. Its just simple as that.
With our service you get Domain Authority above 50 points in just 30 days.

This service is guaranteed

For more information, check our service here

thank you
Mike Gilbert

Monkey Digital

I was wondering if anyone else got something like this or what would you advise about this email?

Im sure some of you have had emails like this but I thought I would share with you all.

Anyway I dont really post much as I work fulltime and dont really have the time but really enjoy the platform, the community is amzing and learning things everyday. Hope to post more in the future! Have a great day.

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EdwinBernard Premium
We are taught everything we need to know about building our business at Wealthy Affiliate.

There will be entrepreneurs who will contact you to offer services for a fee. My recommendation is to ignore them. The only time to out source is when your website is earning you thousands of dollars a month and you need to outsource mundane tasks so that you can use your time for more value added activities.

Hope this helps.

Farah20 Premium
Yes I suppose you may need help in the future, thanks for highlighting this. Will keep in mind for the future.
lesabre Premium
Hi Farah, did some checking and it seems that it is spam, trying to sell you or commit you to their own SEO program:
I would personally delete it. That is just my simple opinion.

Best wishes,
Farah20 Premium
Michael thanks for checking this out, I feel a lot better, you are a star! Many thanks.
lesabre Premium
Hi Farah, you are most welcome.

LatinNomad Premium
I get similar emails. They are spam. Ignore and spam them would be my advice. Best Regards, Trevor
Farah20 Premium
I thought this email is too good to be true, its crazy how they raise your hopes up, thanks Trevor, have a lovely day!
FlxGo99 Premium
Hi Farah,

No, I have never heard of an email like that. I remember Jay telling something about scoring for your website in one of their webinars I think that was on Apr 17 "SEO 101 - the basics"

I hope that helps you out.

Farah20 Premium
Great I'll take a look, that's very helpful. Thank you.