No Shortcuts to Money

Last Update: January 03, 2016

There are no shortcuts in life - at least that is what I was told by my grandfather and b my parents - their point was - you have to spend time at school and get a good education otherwise you are doomed.

Well that was how they understood and saw the world. It may well be different because as an adult I have met many people who are carrying a template that is very different from the one I was given as a little girl.

One thing is clear though - whatever it is you want you have to work for it and it tends not to happen overnight - it takes its sweet time following the true north principles that relate to it.

Recently I spoke to someone who wanted to learn how to do a website, I referred them to the best resource I know - WA. The first day they got started and became impatient, they wanted it all to happen over night - literally.

Then he asked me - if it is easy to develop a website why do people pay so much for it? My answer was - they pay for their ignorance!

Glad to say that he is now active here. I hope he stays on because with his high energy levels, there is so much he and similar others can achieve here as long as we all remember that there are no shortcuts to sustainable income.

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UKD Premium
Sounds familiar Its like playing golf-18 holes front 9 and back 9. start @ tee-box and do your 9 holes-no shortcuts.With patience its exciting, good experience, different strokes for different folks. Fairo thanks for the patience
ShallyK Premium
I can relate to this, as I was just like your friend! But now I know I have to be calmer and more patient in my approach to building my own website. Not only this, but being able to manage my time around it, as I have a family and a clinic to run!