Bootcamp 1 Day 4

Last Update: May 13, 2016

It took a lot of drive because I was really exhausted from my other day assignments, but then someone agreed to hold me accountable:

I completed the remainder of Lesson 3 - which was the bit about participating in the discussions and looking at the work of others and giving feedback. I think that is a really important bit. I remember during my days as a newbie - comments and feedback from others kept me going.

While agreeing with the view that that self motivation is the best: there are times when my other priorities run right ahead of everything else - it is during those times that a gentle nudge does me a lot of good.

I look forward to my revision Day 5!

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JudeP Premium
Keep up the great work :)
Labman Premium
glad you are being held accountable. Certainly would be nice if you had the motivation to keep yourself on track.
Sounds like you are moving on the right path though.
fairo Premium
In my other endeavours I am self-driven but because this one is not on my priority list I want to be held accountable. The approach seemingly defies most motivation theories out there - it is however my reality at the moment.