Last Update: May 12, 2016

There was a time I stopped writing blog posts here, I just figured it did not make much sense since it did not contribute anything to my website(s). Wrong. Well this is what I have discovered, the less I communicate here the less work I do.

I think it is about accountability. When I write and share my progress and lack of it I feel obliged to put in some minutes! So today I will continue with Bootcamp 1 Lesson 3 for I must account for it by the end of the day.

So someone out there - hold me accountable, and please find someone to hold you accountable, lest like me you get caught up in the thick of thin things (as Covey would say).

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Maxiam59 Premium
always glad to read your post and yes I will keep you accountable all the best Max
Amasonmarket Premium
Hi Fairo,

Nothing is like self-motivation and realization of what you know you have to do to get to your objective. Yes, it is good to be accountable/answerable to external body, but the fact remains that we must have the driving force to enable anything we set out minds to do come to fruition.

Fairo, it is great that you think and feel the way you do. I wish you the best and continued drive to get out what your mind desires from this great community.

Best regards.
fairo Premium
Thanks. Some days are better than others.