Google Profiles are Powerful - Do you Have One?

Last Update: July 11, 2011

If you want to be associated with your content online, or at least some of it, Google is encouraging you to create your Google profile.  As a matter of fact a Google profile will help Google rank your sites higher and it will also give you more authority as an online author as well.

Needless to say that Google profiles rank very high and depending on how popular you are as an author online it is just amazing. 

Here is a little story to give you an example of the power of Google profiles in ranking.  As I had mentioned before in another post, in my case my first and last name together make my name pretty unique, so If you’d type Sylviane Nuccio you would see my profile like on first result and all the results you would find after that is still me. Good or bad LOL!

However, what about my first name alone?  Well, while my first name is still unique in the US it’s not unique in the country I come from and if you were to type Sylviane (alone) you would realize that there are many others Sylvianes.  However, to my own big surprise, doing some checking the other day I realized that even if I type my first name ONLY with no quote what so ever in Google search, my Google profile comes in third position.  This tells you that Google loves its profiles!!! And that’s good for us.

Can you imagine just by typing a FIRST NAME and still getting to first page of Google within the first five results? Make sure you get your Google profile set up if you haven’t already.  No matter what it does it’s bound to help you.  To learn Google profile into more details, read the post on my blog.


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Very true Sylviane I am surprised how highly I rank for my name Stephen J Parkin, but Stephen is so common I do not know if I would rank in the first 100 pages for that alone. I will try it and see!
rocktivity Premium
"This is just another way that Google is using to promote good, unique content, and rewarding authors of such content." When they start rewarding you with MONEY, give me a call, LOL!
feitan17 Premium
thats great, I have not filled out mine yet but it`s ranked 3rd already with full name search. hhhmmm my first name search (seth) might be impossible to get rank 1st =).. anyways thanks for the heads up, time to fill in my google profile content
jatdebeaune Premium
Thanks Sylviane. I'll do a Google profile for sure.
Praise Premium
Can you imagine just by typing a FIRST NAME and still getting to first page of Google within the first five results?

That's very interesting...thanks for sharing.