Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas to All

Last Update: December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas to everyone and cheers to a Prosperous New Year for all of us.

Happy Birthday Jesus and thank you for a lovely 70 degree day.

The grill is loaded with rack of lamb, shrimp kabobs and some pork ribs to add to the excitement. Hot fudge cake with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert too.

We all are wearing shorts and enjoying a nice frosty beverage and a Cuban cigar compliments of my friend Fidel in Cuba. Throw in a little horseshoes and just a typical Christmas for me.

I hope everyone is having a blessed day with family and friends. God Bless You All!


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Dhind1 Premium
Thank you for the holiday wishes and for the reference to Jesus. Though I suspect the Chruch usurped an older holiday and put their name on it.
Either way and whatever the reason for the season, I like the sentiments that come with the Christian Holiday.

The best o you and your family of the holiday season and a prosperous 2020.

laparra1 Premium
Good Morning Mark,

It sounds like you are really having a good time. Here it is the second Christmas day and we will visit Malaga to see the illumination. The center will be full of people and the atmosphere will be really nice with people eating and drinking on the streets, no wonder with 20C.
To a good, healthy, and successful 2020.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

CherryRed20 Premium
Merry Christmas, Mark.

Have a happy New year.

Mick18 Premium
Sounds wonderful! You are making me hungry.
It's 79 degrees and sunny here in Florida.

Merry Christmas,
Donna433 Premium
Merry Christmas to you and your family Mark and a very prosperous and Happy New Year!!!!! Send the warm weather up my way and some of those shrimp kabobs! :)