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What is Control? Control is having the authority over something that you own. I have noticed that a lot people have control issues. They have control issues in relationships, jobs and other areas. The problem with the word control, is that people tend to over do it. What people don't realize is that control is a form of witchcraft. You don't have to do spells or anything like that. It's how you talk. The only thing that you have control over is yourself and for some parts your children. You have no control over your spouse or your significant other.You don't have any control over the people on your job. They may work for you, but you can't control them. If you think you do, then you have stepped into being abusive. I have noticed that not many people will admit that they have a problem with control. They get into the denial stage, but they don't realize that others can see it. You can tell a person is controlling just by the way they talk. There is one other thing you can control is your mind.

Be in control of yourself and not others. You will find yourself by yourself. No one wants to be controlled by anyone. People do not want to be around a controlling person. I am speaking from experience. I was in a marriage where my ex husband tried to control every aspect of my life. He tried to control me by telling me I couldn't work when I was the only one working, He wanted me in the house all the time. I couldn't go anywhere or do anything. This is abuse. No one wants to go through that.

Another type of control is when, a person thinks they know everything, and they are the only one that people can go to for help. There are so many people that have the knowledge and wisdom to help others. People have skills in areas that others don't have. This is being in control of who helps who. Everybody has their own strengths and can use to help others. For example, everybody here at WA has their own strengths at what they are skilled in that can help someone that doesn't know. Now if a person goes anywhere on the site asking for help, it's not for one person to say, if you have any questions ask me. We are all here to help each other. No one is a one man army. You cannot take control over something you have no control over. Being a controller is a dangerous thing. We have to be very careful. There is another form of control. That is mind control.

What is mind control? Mind control is when something or someone has control over your mind. Whatever you are thinking, When someone can take over your mind, its a form of witchcraft. That is a deep subject. But when they take over your mind, they can manipulate you into doing anything they want you to. They can manipulate you to thinking that whatever is wrong, it is right. You yourself can take control of your mind. There is also a saying that goes, what you think in your mind is what you will become. The more you think about it, the more you will become it. It is best to always think positive thoughts. When something negative comes to your mind, change it to something positive. The more negative things that come into your mind, and you don't do anything to change it, you will continue to think negative things. Always stay positive and keep positive people in your life. Staying out of drama, keeps your mind at ease. You have to be careful of where your mind. You can drift into a place where you don't want to be. Educate your mind by reading books. There is a saying, A Mind Is A Terrible Thing to Waste. Do not waste your mind on things that are not important. I hope you like this.

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Very good post! Unfortunately too many people are subjected to this and don't do anything about freeing themselves from it. Well done for getting yourself out of it. Blessings!
Blessings to to Theos. Thats because of low self esteem. Thank you for reading.
RebeccaAnne Premium
Congratulations on getting away from that control freak. Abuse cycles are vicious and it takes a lot strength and courage to break them. The abuser's certainly not going to do it - if anything they're trying to keep the cycle going. What you did makes you very brave and very strong.
I totally agree
wiliah14 Premium
i just had to let go of someone who was being too controlling. At first i was like, Awe, how cute, hes jealous... but then it got old real quick, he never saw the positive things i was doing in life, the only thing he cared was there gonna be guys around me.. I had to say asta la vista to that! Great post! :)
I know how you feel. I went through that too. Thank you for sharing
Great post!
Thank you