End of another month and realisations

Last Update: August 31, 2016

Each month I have been setting myself a set of goals to work toward. I then post them here to probably bore everyone and to keep my focus. This month though I did come to the realisation that my starter niche is probably not going to turn me into a millionaire.

However, I began my starter niche - my cat site - mainly because I love cats and cat toys. I thought it would be perfect as a) it's easy to write for so I could get more practice writing, b) can use my cats as models and c) I could try out the affiliate lessons on it. However I did realise that most cat owners don't really look for a lot of reviews but a lot of purchases are ad-hoc when at the pet store. Also it is rare to have new products coming out.

I am not going to abandon my cat site as I like it!! However I am hopefully going to look at more profitable niches. And if my cat site earns a bit of cash then - BONUS!!

So did I meet August's goals - even though I got distracted by hot weather and my new kitten. (Who is very cute I hasten to add - though she is wrecking my apartment)

August goals

1. Up to 45 posts on first site

Well the cat site is on 41 posts! So close and a mix of review and articles. Some of my rankings are increasing on my older posts now as well.

2. 10 posts on new site.

Actually this has been going just over a week (my WA Bootcamp site and I have 11 posts/ pages)

3. Hit 300 Twitter followers.

On the cat based Twitter account I am actually on 496 followers and getting some retweets etc. Have started an account for the WA Bootcamp site but not yet started to populate it

4. Do the first Bootcamp course.

Finished lesson 10 of course 1 yesterday so win.

5. Get my localisation working. (hopefully that will be done this week in amongst kitten prep)

After a couple of changes between products I got this working and am thinking of doing a training course or video for it.

Also this month I made some of my own vids (had to learn with QuickTime and iMovie as my Camtasia software is PC only and I'm using laptop atm).

September Goals

Another 6 this month

1. Two posts a week on cat site

2. Get to 30 posts on WA site

3. Start up my other niche site - I already have the URL

4. Clean up my YouTube channels for each website and brand them properly

5. Start using Pinterest properly

6. Write a piece of training.

Let's hope I can achieve these ones

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Hrtbeat Premium
Keep up the hard work.
janmar Premium
Awesome focus.
WilliamBH Premium
Evie that is so amazing what you have accomplished and what your goals are .. very inspirational! Cheers, William.
JudeP Premium
Great focus and progress :)
EvieSmith Premium
Thanks Jude - and hopefully you are feeling better today
JudeP Premium
A little, thank you Evie :)