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January 2021 Update (Premium Member For 16+ Months)

I'm an easy-going, goal-driven, motivated individual with a long-term vision. I'm always looking to increase my knowledge and skill set in affiliate/online marketing.

I live on my own, work full-time while setting time aside for my Wealthy Affiliate commitments.

I like the idea of working flexibly and on my own. I have a great desire to change and achieve financial freedom down the road.

I am at a point where I want to enjoy what I do (that will make me wealthy) and create a better work-life balance. I have a significant interest in entrepreneurship and financial independence. What I hope to get out of Wealthy Affiliate is not just to make money, but to be happier and open the door for more opportunities down the road.

I look forward to continuing my journey with Wealthy Affiliate. I'm excited to be working with people who challenge and support me in every step I take. Also, I'm glad to be returning the favor of helping others succeed.

I got the drive and the right mindset, and if I take action, I know the sky is the limit!

Don't settle for mediocrity: Continuously improve yourself, keep investing in your human capital, and strive for excellence!

Let's create a better future ahead!

Feel free to PM me anytime.

All The Best,

-Eric T. Seil
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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
Money I would be ecstatic earning
$1 Million+ ($100 Million Long-Term Vision)
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
20 hours (to start), then increase my hours as needed
Goal created on
Aug 25, 2019
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etseil20 Premium
How much money per month would you be happy earning?

How much money per month would allow you to live the ideal lifestyle?
$1 Million+ ($100 Million Long-Term Vision)

How many hours per week are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
20 hours (to start), then increase my hours as needed
hey I like that hope you can reach your goals soon, even maybe help each other :)
Kyle Premium Plus
Broken down, this is going to be more than achievable for you (and then some). The internet has over 2 billion people actively search for and buying things online. All you need to do is connect with a few of these people each day to meet your initial goal!

I know with some hard work and persistence you will achieve all of your goals and then be building brand new ones. I am here to help if you ever need anything and you have an entire community rooting for your success here at WA Eric! :)
kevinmj Premium Plus
Excellent set of goals Eric! It all starts with a goal and then action. You'll find your get ever nearer to achieving your goals as you work through the lessons and put everything you learn into action. That's the beauty of the WA training...everything is step by step and if you have questions at any stage then be sure to ask. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your successes over the coming days, weeks, months and years! :)
Jadatherapy Premium
Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate

These goals are very achievable all you have to do is follow the step by step training here at WA and you can become successful. You also have the wonderful community here for support if and when you need us, just ask your questions and someone will get back to you.

The community here at WA are second to none so you truly cannot go wrong. Wishing you the very best success here at Wealthy Affiliate
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CarlaNavarro Premium Plus
Hi Eric, glad you are following me. I like your mindset very much, as I was in Corp. America for way too long.

Considering, I have been on this earth for a much longer time than you, I am like a sponge at my ripe age of 62. I am learning from you smart Millennials, and want to learn as much as I can from you and people like Nathaniel

Have a great week, and looking
forward to reading your success posts, and learning from them.

JasonKim Premium
I want to thank you, Eric, for having me be a part of your network and delighted to have you in my network as well. I hope all is working out well with your online business and wish you much success in fulfilling all of your personal and financial goals.

lmorando Premium
Hi Eric,

Thank you for the follow. I followed you back. Congrats on joining getting out of the corporate world. I can certainly relate. I'm new at WA and have learned a lot in a short time. Let me know if I can help. Best of luck to you.

LeonaOnline Premium
Hi Eric, and thanks for the follow. Good to see you took the leap and left what you do not like to continue with what you do like. Added to that, you are willing to help others, which, in itself, makes you successful!
I look forward to hearing of your great success in your endeavours, and have added you to my network as well.

StephenThiam Premium
After I read your profile, I support your idea to be financially independent. Your dream needs your hard work to achieve it. I think to follow you is good support for you. I can read your post and give you "likes" if your content is informative and valuable. I still new with WA, I need your support too.