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Last Update: March 23, 2017

Hi All

About the WA prescribed 'All in One SEO Pack', I have noticed that while editing my posts the 'Description' part is not filled in, only the 'Title'. Are we supposed to fill it in ourselves?

Another question. One of our WA colleagues recently recommended 'Yoast' as an alternative plugin to 'All in One SEO Pack'. What is your opinion?

If I changed over to Yoast, will I loose Google ranking gained by 'All in One SEO Pack'?

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E-Udoh Premium
You fill it in.

I use Yoast (the free version) and when I switched over it did not seem to affect my ranking. So far I love Yoast!

Just make sure that you don't use both plugins at the same time and backup your site before switching to be on the safe side. If you decide to go with Yoast. All the best!
Eril Premium
Thanks a mil for the info and advice! I am leaning towards changing over to Yoast.

All the best to you also!