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Last Update: August 04, 2013

Hello Fellow WA Friends!

I was finishing up my emails, and it HIT me! Kaboom!

I work in Retail, and I find it very satisfying in helping people making wise decisions.

For example:

Someone purchases a very expensive equipment piece: ipod, ipad, laptop, tablet--the main reasons. You can even add TV's as well.

OK. What's the point? You're thinking.

This is my point: They purchase an expensive piece of electronics. Oh, great you're thinking. That's nice. And, they take it home, perhaps even give it as a gift. They open the gift, and just fall in love with their new toy. Well, maybe not love, but excited that they have obtained a new electronic device that they didn't have before, or the other one died, got really old, or just needed replacement.

At my store we sell replacement/repair plans. But that is not what this article is about. Let's say you provide value for that replacement plan, let them know that the insurance they purchase will Help them if perhaps the device breaks--especially those screens. Yikes! Now I'm out of $500 or more, especially on those Ipads! Ouch ouch ouch!

But, you have sold this plan to the customer. And you don't even get a dime for helping them with this. ( I disagree with this plan idea, but that's not the point either). Now, that customer brings the product home, nothing happens for 30 days, on the 31st day, their 2 year old child takes their $600 investment and decides to play football with it, and slams it on the floor! CRASH! While you're in another room taking care of something else, you just realize that your $600 is now flushed down the toilet.

Not unless you have that Insurance plan that your salesperson HELPED you purchase. Now, you just call up that company, and you're refunded $600 for the broken tablet.

This is my point:

When you help someone here at WA, you may never know how and when something may happen positively to that person. WA isn't going to send you a check in the mail for $2 for helping them. And you can't say "I didn't get anything for that". Not entirely true. If that person has become successful, that person may thank you. It's kind of like that caring about other's first before expecting money flow to pop into your bank account. And you help another, and another, and soon word goes around that you really CARE about them.

However you want to describe it: Reap what you sow, what comes around goes around. You may help someone else out, and somehow miraculously something happens back at you. And, then, your business grows, their business grows, and everyone is happy!

We live in a real world. And yes, I know that it doesn't always happen that way. But I strongly believe in helping others first, with that intention, that it will come back to you. It may be ten-fold, twenty-fold, who knows? Never think that by helping someone that it will never be returned back to you--not by the same person, or by some other avenue, measure. Because it does.

I hope this adds encouragement to someone today!

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lizonline Premium
Great post
Hudson Premium
Great post and message. This is a big part of being in WA, the help and support, and paying forward as they say.
ericrk7 Premium
Absolutely. Knowing that I give them advice, or a product that truly helps them means a lot to me. I feel that would add credibility to my name. We all know that credibility is crucial importance in building a business.
vernard4u Premium
Good job! Great tip! Plus helping others make you feel good right?
skyhorse Premium
Really powerful. I love the electronics analogy, sounds like me and putting everything into horses. (Before I am done everyone will know everything on here about horses!)
ericrk7 Premium
Sounds good!