Copy good Copy?

Last Update: April 14, 2016

One of the marketing companies I receive emails from included a link to review good copy from other companies for a variety of purposes like:

  • Welcome
  • Thank You
  • Nurture
  • Product Feedback
  • T&C and Privacy, etc

So should we copy good copy?

Well...not word for word, but modeling the psychology? I say ABSOLUTELY! We are writing to the people we care about and want to help so we want to keep it real and personal. Big, successful companies are doing the same...which is where the big success came from in part.

Check out this particular site here for an example:

Share some of your favorite resources and techniques for creating great copy!

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EricHere Premium
Thanks for the comments! I ABSOLUTELY agree with the feedback. It's funny how once you get into enough auto-responders and sales funnels that you can spot the techniques and tell when you are being "nurtured" and when you are being "offered."

Which is fine - if I am subscribed, it's my choice right?

Nice to review some formulas and patterns, but be you and original :-)
dianegailit Premium
As long as you put your own take on that copy, I'd go for it!!
Sheila50 Premium
Great think and good job! As long as it is not word for word you should be fine!
JudeP Premium
Most definitely not word for word but the style of writing could be emulated :)