Accountability AnyBuddy?

Last Update: April 23, 2016

Since I am launching my site(s) "on the side" it is more important than ever to focus on my "Why" as well as plan, and schedule blocks of PRODUCTIVE time to get educated and take action.

I know I am the only one that finds this difficult right? (sarcasm)

Accountability is a strong motivator

So...I am actively pursuing an accountability buddy.

Looking for a guy - not being sexist, but I do intend to be communicating A LOT with my buddy and I am married to my lovely wife now for almost 18 years. It is not that I believe for one second that anything would happen, but simply out of respect for her. I know I would be a bit taken back if she were to tell me that in pursuit of a new business venture she was taking on an accountability buddy and it were a man.

Other than that the only thing I ask is that you are motivated to grow you and are willing to hold my feet to the virtual fire and help me keep my word to myself via the channels of communication we agree upon. I will do the same for you of course.


If so, please private message me and we can talk about it ASAP :-)

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KatieMac Premium
I can understand that hope you find someone that meets the bill,, to help with accountability I tend to post what I have been doing and will report back on my results ,, you could perhaps go along with that till you get the right buddy
joyweb Premium
That is very honorable. I respect you for your approach.