Stay Consistent, Keep Learning, & Everything Else Falls Into Place

Last Update: May 30, 2020

I get asked all the time about the "secret" to success with WA.
What was that one thing that takes you over the top?

I'm here to tell you i've narrowed it down to one single thing that all the top dogs are doing:


And it's not even like it's this incredibly hard, back breaking work that you have to do.
Not at all.

It's just a matter of doing consistent work.

Work comes in a number of different forms, too. It doesn't have to be restricted to just creating content. Work can be sitting in on a weekly webinar, learning something new, helping out in chat when someone has a question, creating new training, or even putting up a new progress report through your WA blog.

These are the little things that all add up to one big thing.
They're all the behind the scenes stuff you don't even notice you're doing regularly sometimes.

But that's a good thing. You're so involved in your work that you don't realize you're working.

The bottom line is this, when you're active with WA and you're actively thinking about your content and how to make it better, you are working towards your goals.

Take full advantage of all the resources we have here, too. When you create new content, immediately get some comments for it. Turn on that engagement so Google takes notice. Share your stuff to relevant spaces. Be proactive and then on to the next.

You're in control of your business, and when you keep your momentum going it is so much easier for you to stay ahead of complacency.

So stay busy. Stay learning. If you need to take a break, why not find an archived webinar you want to sit in on. Write a blog post.

Stay working and you make yourself better.
That should be the goal we all have.

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ecocatherine Premium
I love this!
ericcantu Premium Plus
Happy you enjoyed this!
RussellO1 Premium
Thank you very much Eric.
ericcantu Premium Plus
You're very welcome!
alexjysmith Premium
Excellent advice man. Thank you.
ericcantu Premium Plus
That's what community is all about!
Eunice28 Premium
nice advice Erick, as you said consistent is the key, thanks
ericcantu Premium Plus
Glad you enjoyed it!
Giancarlos Premium
Thanks for your words, Eric!!💪🏽
ericcantu Premium Plus
It's all about that momentum. Keep it!