How Much Do You Sleep?

Last Update: May 21, 2022

I think one of the most common areas people neglect when it comes to their health, both physical and mental, is rest.

And listen, we've all done it. When I was in my 20s and 30s I'd go on 4 hours of sleep many, many times. And throughout that whole time we wonder why workouts, diets, exercise, just don't seem to "take".

We wonder why we drag on random days and why we feel like a zombie in the morning without our coffee.

There's an obvious culprit here, and it's your lack of SLEEP.

No matter your age or your physique, or what you think your body is "used to", you're pretty much guaranteed to need around 7 hours of sleep every night.

People brag about being a workaholic, sacrificing their sleep for their business.

(Don't do this).

I think that's something we all know better than to do, right?
But I wanted to make sure you understand why.

The whole reason you probably joined WA was so you could take control back, right? You wanted more time freedom, financial freedom...

Wealthy Affiliate DELIVERS on this.
And yes, it takes time and work.
You get out what you put in.

But don't be one of these people working 19-20 hours a day and proud of it. That's what people WITHOUT a plan do.

And it doesn't matter if you "love" your work, It's so completely unhealthy and unbalanced and the most important thing for your body is BALANCE.

And remember, you HAVE a plan!
That's why you're here!

No one ever brags about hardly ever getting the oil changed in their car right?

"Yeah I never change the oil in my ride and it still runs! My car just doesn't need oil changes like other cars do..."

That's the equivalent of sleeping 4 hours a night.

Don't burn yourself out.
Take your breaks.
Eat incredible food.
Drink lots of WATER.
Go outside.
Yes, work hard on your business.
Yes, learn more everyday.
But remember to REST.

Allow your batteries to recharge and they'll last longer.

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FKelso Premium Plus
It is so true that we need sleep. I have been battling the sleep issue for years. It started when I first "came down" with arthritis,in my 70s. I was in so much pain I slept two hours a night. Have been working to restore some kind of regular sleep. After all these years and help from a couple of good practitioners, I now sleep from 6 to 8 hours a night. The 8 hours is still rather rare, but it is so much better! I average 6, at least.

I have only one prescription -- a minimal-sized pill for the arthritis. Everything else I take is some sort of natural supplement. One of our health practitioners here is a Chinese herbalist, and she makes up a blend of herbs that have helped. I also take CBD. It is something I've had to work on, but it has been well worth it.
EricCantu Premium Plus
Glad to know you’re getting more quality rest again!
CassiOfTroy Premium Plus
This is such a necessary reminder, Eric.

When I first joined WA, I was working round the clock.
It was challenging doing that, working full-time, supporting my daughter and our home and fitting in time for myself.

Now, I am enjoying the flexibility.
I work on my terms, with no stress and full-on enjoyment.

Just back from a week away and moving along nicely.

Thanks for sharing.
EricCantu Premium Plus
There are way too many people that will work 19 hours a day and in the long run it’s complete counterproductive to what they want to accomplish.

You got to have that rest!
JeannineC Premium
I found what worked for me back in college. While others might pull all-nighters to study before a final exam, I knew that I needed at least 5 hours of sleep to do well. Sooner or later staying up proved non-productive. So while I'm not a great sleeper now, I do make sure I get rest, and that's been a good thing!

Oh yeah, I did pull a few all nighters when I was a labor coach. It was worth it to help bring beautiful new lives into the world. But even then I'd need at least 30 minutes around dawn to make it through the process.
EricCantu Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing! :)
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Eric,

Thank you very much for your wise words, I agree with you massively!

We can only achieve so much in a day. I have always said that I can achieve more in five or six days than I can in seven days! I think as I get older it's probably more like I can achieve more in five days than six or seven days!

Being an early morning person, I like to get to bed at a reasonable time. However, there are occasions perhaps when I will stay up late and then rise early. The problem with this situation is that production drops rapidly! I know that lack of sleep equals poor productivity! So it's important to have a plan and strict guidelines on work and play! As you mention, it's important to keep those batteries charged!

Have a great Sunday.

EricCantu Premium Plus
You're right. People always think they're getting more done, but in actuality you can get so much more done when you're well rested and not running on empty.
Roybretton Premium Plus
Good morning Eric,

Thank you for your reply, it's appreciated.

Unfortunately, I have learned the hard way too many times, sleep and rest are so important!

Have a great day.

Jaguar10 Premium Plus
True. It is during the rest periods (sleep) that the body maintains and rebuilds itself. Maybe it's easier to understand If we see it in a sports context.

It means that if we follow a personal training program towards a goal, then it is in the rest periods between the training sessions (work periods) that the body rebuilds itself to a stronger version than before the training session. Over time, you get in shape.

If we miss the point here we risk getting in overtraining and the body begins to degrade itself - it doesn't have time to rebuild itself in the rest period before the next training session!

Thanks, Eric
EricCantu Premium Plus
Well said!