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Last Update: March 10, 2019

Well, I've been part of WA for a little more than 3 months now. I had some personal matters that kept me down for the first month of my journey but I came back and hit the ground running.

Where am I Now?

I started with two sites. I actually bought a third domain also. Like many pointed out though, spreading myself out was not going to get me the results I want. I have paused one of my sites and am dedicating all of my attention to a single site.

It's Time to Focus!!!

The site that I'm dedicated to is a big market and I know my competition is going to be tough. I can pick all of the keywords that I want that meet the training's criteria but it's still going to be tough to break through.

I have written 21 articles that average about 1300 words. Some of the articles are well over 2000 and include videos that I've created.

Oh yeah, I started a Youtube channel and have uploaded 8 videos so far. If you knew me, you'd peg me an introvert for the most part. It's all screen capture so far. This isn't because I'm camera shy (I am by the way) but because it actually works better for the reviews I've done so far. I do plan on getting some face time soon though.

I also have a Pinterest account where I've created several pins so far. I will be hitting this more aggressively soon.

Any Results?

If you would asked me a few weeks ago, I would have said no. After all, I've received very little organic traffic and only got one commission which I'm pretty sure was someone on WA because it came from my Google+ Account (if you're out there, Thanks!)

Then I started looking at all of my analytics data and this is what I found...

Google Search Console:

I actually got a couple clicks finally! Also my impressions tripled...I'll take that.

Bing Webmasters Tools:

Well, I think all of these green arrows have to be good news...I

Then there's Youtube:

I've only recently started with this and I plan to grow it a lot. Hopefully, this will lead to some additional traffic to the site as well.

Looking to the Future:

Well, not a lot of traffic so far but it sure seems like things are moving forward and to me that's what really matters. I used to do affiliate marketing before but it was a lot easier back then.

SEO was a lot more simple before all of the Google Animal Updates came around. Now I'm building my first Authority Site and I think it's going to be HUGE!

When things start to get tough and you feel like you've been writing article after article and pouring your heart and time into a site that seems to be only read by you, don't worry. Keep writing!

Like the quote from Field of Dreams says, "If you build it, they will come!"

Good luck everyone!

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marmar463 Premium
This is a great post and I live by "If you build it will come" I have said that too many people including my husband so that has a strong impact on the situation. And it is so true if you stop and think about it.

I have come back strong myself so I am living by that quote myself. You will have a strong business and I will have a strong business and together we can succeed.

Thank you for writing such a great post and best wishes on your journey with WA.

EricBaglio Premium
Thanks for the reply. I'm glad that you are following that quote as well. It's a very powerful mantra and I think together, only great things will come.

Good luck to you also!
marmar463 Premium
Yes, absolutely I agree with you 100% that is a great quote to live by I think.

Best wishes
Twack Premium
Geat share Eric. Love your doggedness. Look forward to watching your success grow.
EricBaglio Premium
Thanks for the encouragement!
Twack Premium
You're very welcome.
keishalina9 Premium
*** Excellent progress, Eric & Congratulations!

All the best going forward & upward to Success ....

and thanks kindly for sharing with us today -- your wonderful news! ... we all want to hear positive stories ...

Keep well, keep happy! ...cheerio ... 🌈😊⭐️🎈⭐️
EricBaglio Premium