indexed by google!

Last Update: September 10, 2019

Just wanted to share that my site has been indexed by google. Still learning a lot so I don't really have a clear grasp of what that means :) I have done two posts or blogs and I am planning on a few more this week. I am on lesson 6 so progressing. One question I have is a blog the same as a post? I am in uncharted territory as you can probably tell with my total lack of social media terms.

As an example. For fathers day I got a new smart phone as I broke my last one. I know how to do basic stuff like text and actually make a call. I was sitting at the dinner table trying to figure out the calendar feature and I asked my family " is there a manual that comes with this" my 14 year old daughter says " Dad I am your manual give it to me". Enough said. Have a blessed night


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DarrenNicola Premium
Hello and well done on your progress so far.
The training at Wealthy Affiliate is very detailed and set up for you to succeed.
The community here is ready to help in any way possible.
I wish you continued further success.
All the best and have a great week.
Darren :)
eracine Premium
thank you very much
Carson2 Premium
Hi. Ask that question on live chat, if you'd like a great answer. Welcome!
j52powell Premium
Good news. Congratulations.

ExpatMark Premium
Congratulations Eric!

Pennybch Premium
Congratulations!! I am trying to get my website done and I have been with WA for almost a month. I had an emergency situation that set me back badly so now I am trying to get back in gear. I love to hear encouraging things like this it makes me feel like I can still achieve my goals even though in life things happen and do set us back sometimes. I cant wait until I get indexed as well!!
eracine Premium
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Just take today the day your in and do your best. Tomorrow's challenges will come but with tomorrow there will also come renewed strength and wisdom. God bless