What is WA sales point?

Last Update: July 22, 2018

What is WA sales point?

This is a brilliant question asked me a few hours ago by one of the starter members here who is about to upgrade. He's also interested in promoting WA but what's really attractive here?

For those who have chosen to go through the bootcamp lessons and promote WA, this is an exciting question. What do you tell your readers that will attract them to WA?

So what's the sales point of WA?

First, to properly answer this question, you must start by facing these two questios:

  1. What problem does WA seek to solve?
  2. What is the target market?

The problem is simply with people who want to earn money online and people who should earn money online without necessarily having their own products.

There are folks out there who know the opportunities the Internet offers but they are struggling to make it through. There are others who absolutely don't have an idea what they can get from the Internet. These two categories form the target market.

Having identified the problem and the target market, it will be easy to go through the platform and see how and what it offers to solve the problem of the market.

Here are a couple of things that make the platform generally attractive

  1. Excellent training in Affiliate Marketing (VoD and Live Webinars)
  2. Dedicated WordPress hosting with SiteRubix.
  3. Free domain name protection
  4. Free SSL
  5. Free professional website themes
  6. Free SEO tool (Jaaxy Lite)
  7. Super active and helpful community
  8. Quick access to founders
  9. The WA affiliate program

Like many other platforms, WA trains its members to be able to create money making affiliate websites. Beginning from niche selection through content development and traffic to monetizing strategies, the courses here are top-notch.

Unlike many of those Affiliate Marketing training platforms out there, WA takes the exercise miles ahead and distinguishes itself by making available to members premium tools.

In a summary,

  1. WA trains people to make money online ethically
  2. WA provides the complete tools needed to succeed in making money online

All in one

There are platforms out there that have upsells. You pay initially to access the trainings. To access the tools, you pay 10x the training. But WA gives both the training and the tools in a single package.

  • WA trains to make money promoting the platform itself (Affiliate Bootcamp lessons)
  • WA also trains to make money with other affiliate programs in any niche. Which ever is your niche, WA is the platform to join.

I hope this helps you understand the platform so you will be able to market it and earn those recurring commissions.

NB: If there is a point I have left out, drop in the comment and I will add to the list

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juanster2017 Premium
Great writeup about the benefits of WA
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Juan,
keishalina9 Premium
Enjoyed your post! ... thanks kindly for sharing -- very helpful to have it all in a nutshell ... cheerio ... :)
enstinemuki Premium
Thanks for the comment.
Wonderful week ahead
RAFStuart Premium
Thank you so much for this nearly had a 'silver lining' wobble a few minutes ago, was strong enough to turn away came on the site, and found the tonic that I needed. Onward and upward.
enstinemuki Premium
Hey Stuart,
It's always good to breakthrough and make it here. always something to keep going
mrssteele Premium
Just what I was looking for. Thank you
enstinemuki Premium
Thank you for the comment
fleurallen Premium
Good points you've made here Enstine. The target market can be quite broad as there is so much WA offers. However, I think the key is in deciding on what specific segment you wish to focus on.

What I mean by this is, for myself when I first joined, although I did want to learn more about creating a successful online business initially I was seeking a positive, motivating community.
Therefore for me, 15 months ago, the community was the greater priority due to offline business circumstances and therefore the reason why I upgraded to Premium so quickly.

Now my priorities have evolved, as I feel like I have my 'business MOJO' back and therefore I still love the community but value much more of the other services such as the training, web hosting, blogging tool (Site Content) etc.

Therefore, the target market I focus on is stay-at-home mothers because that is how I started in business 11 years ago. Boy did I wish I had found WA then - C'est la vie - I have now!
enstinemuki Premium
Oh sweet! Thanks for the addition.
Very correct on the platform offering a lot. As a matter of fact, it's being highly under-priced.

Stay-at-home moms is the right words ;)
fleurallen Premium
Re pricing perhaps, however, when you're starting out low cost makes it a 'no-brainer' to join. Although there are no upgrades, offering Jaaxy and this has upgrades is an indirect revenue booster - good business model, I think
enstinemuki Premium
Yes. The low price is a big attraction and you know Jaaxy pro is optional in the process. I validate the extra price