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Last Update: May 02, 2012

I have been in the internet business for 4-5 years, learning and never taking action but I am enthusiastic about the future and hope to be successful in the internet business.

in the summer of 2010 I started my first real internet site promoting a book (secret food recipes) on clickbank.com, as this was my first site I struggled to create content and I stopped after 6 weeks but I have never given up or thought this is rubbish because I always knew the potential of the internet.

I just did not know how to harness it and was to lazy to write content for my site, also I was 16 at the time but that is no excuse.

I will keep giving internet marketing a shot! until I succeed and that's the mentality I need.

With the help of WA of course, after 4 years learning, I do know quite a bit about internet marketing and  I have good IT skills, I just need to push myself to succeed and TAKE ACTION!

After three weeks, I finish my college (high school as they call it in america) and after that I will have another attempt at internet marketing, in the summer 2012 where we have the London Olympics I will be building my internet business. 


Ahmed Hasan

18 and no longer a newbie 

P.S Thanks for reading my first post on my Blog.

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ANd where are you from?
ensale where are you from
ensale Premium
from the UK, about 4 hours from London.
I am the youngest here, you know i am 16 years old and 2 years younger than you.
ensale Premium
great, don't make the same mistake I did. take action on what you learn and you will be successful.

Have you got any sites?
ensale Premium
Thanks for the comment.
Trek-shooter Premium
Whoa 18 years old, I thought maybe I was the youngest in here at 23 lol like you I started out young 18 actually. You have come to the right place friend!
Praise Premium
Welcome to WA! Your IM knowledge and IT skills puts you ahead of many newbies. Looking forward to your updates on your progress!