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I am here to succeed just Like you.
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Thanks for having recently added me to your list. I found little here, but then noticed your blog. I see you are still not as active as I think you would like to be., so I'm here to encourage you to start in and take advantage of what's in here. You must put some time to this every day, even if it's only for a half hour. Only those who take action are the ones who become successful, and you are at a very strategic time in your life (about 18 years of age) so that by the time you reach my age, you will be highly successful. But you must act.

Best wishes,

ensale Premium
Thank you very much.

as a matter of fact I am very active now and I have had a few recurring sales but I will post my success in the blog soon.

I have never worked harder and I am close to my income goal.
Very glad to hear this :) It's a great alternative, and even better, the replacement for employment, which sucks.
kiya05 Premium
Welcome to WA, and good luck with your future here. Great people, great training, I'm sure you'll succeed. Thanks for the follow.
Joe Henning Premium
Welcome for the follow.
ensale Premium
Thank you.