Yes! I left for YEARS. but I am now Joyfully back to succeed!

Last Update: August 02, 2018

Sometimes you really dont know what you have until its gone!

First time I walked my WA journey it wasnt a successful one for me! I didnt follow instructions (the training) I just bounced all over the place, thought I would do the boot camp training, got mixed up in where or what I was meant to be following, doing things like making up my own type of blogs that had nothing to do with uplifting or building anyone up especially myself to successfully try & create that online business that I had dreamt about and so after not too long, I pretty much gave up on myself in creating me that successful online business. After returning, it has been a more positive experience for me, I came back with passion and fire in my belly to succeed in creating my online business. I knew where I had gone wrong the first time and have now followed the training to a Tee -well try my utmost! It does seem alot simpler but still I had times where I neededd to really concentrate more on what Kyle was showing us in the videos, zooming up sometimes to see where he was pointing lol. I made mistakes and was jumping back and forth from site content to my website that I logged into, but eventually I realized I was not listening properly again and now have figured it out. I, now do all my writing in site-content and then after I had published my post, then it became the best time for me to go onto working in my website. I am now moving on to level 3 in my training and on a high vibration as Im at the stage where I can now learn How to make myself money online. I am one of these people who didnt follow instructions first time and so didnt get the benefits I could have been enjoying today.


My words to anyone would be 'Follow the Training' I cannot specify this enough. Kyle and Carson have put everything into place for us to make it happen they have discussion groups on each step of the way, they helped me in that when I had a question that I wanted answered, someone had already asked the same question and I was able to move forward because of their answer. I am only half way in my training but now feel I can accomplish this because we truly have a amazing pay it forward community that will help each one of us succeed in making our dreams come true! The help of our awesome community was always there for me at the first time I had joined WA but it was 'I' who needed to trust more in "myself". I am 51 this year and I know from my age an above it can be very challenging when it comes to learning a new skill from this perspective of creating any life from online, but I ask that you please never give up on yourself as there is always help when we're ready. As long as you have a GOAL to aim for and follow through with ACTION then it will be followed by RESULTS...which the Masters know to be true!

I am enjoying creating my online business this time around and give thanks to WA for still leaving the door open for me and having this chance again at creating myself a successful on-line business.


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EandS2018 Premium
Thank you so much, for sharing you have increased the fire in my belly. Best of luck.
Energyess Premium
I appreciate your words and glad my post gave you a positive feeling Thank you Elaine for your comment Many Blessings on your journey.
Hollshope Premium
Good advice. I agree we should all follow the training!
Energyess Premium
Hehe I seemed to always have taken the long road around things in life but I eventually get there. Yes, totally in agreeance - Follow the training. Thank you comment Hollshope