My Wife Started Her First Website!

Last Update: April 10, 2021

I'm excited to announce my wife has started her first affiliate website. I have been doing this affiliate marketing thing for over 2 years now and have come a long way in my knowledge and made some successes.

My wife finally started to get interested in what I do so I decided to introduce her to the world of affiliate marketing and blogging. Today she started her first real website about the niche of crafts. And she is enjoying it immensely.

Getting her started with picking a niche and coming up with a domain name and all the other stuff that goes into getting a website up and running showed me that I have learned so much from WA which I am grateful for. And I have learned that I like teaching this stuff as well.

My advice for anyone starting out in affiliate marketing is don't give up! Building a business takes a long time but as long as you keep at it every day and don't give up even when it seems you are not getting anywhere you will eventually succeed.

Content is king and the more you add to your website in the form of content the better chance you will have at gaining traffic and with traffic sales will follow. Believe in yourself

I know success will come for both my wife and me as long as we keep plugging away at it and someday in the near future, we will both be doing this for a living and leaving the 9 to 5 routine behind us!

Thanks for being part of my affiliate marketing family. I appreciate each and every one of you! Here's to our success!!



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Kritsaij Premium
So happy to hear that!
I wish success you and your wife.

Encourager1 Premium Plus
Thanks, Krista!
Newme202 Premium
That is such a delight Cory
You must be really proud
It is such an important decision to make
Wishing you both success as you continue on your journey
Encourager1 Premium Plus
Thank you, Simone!
lucbizz Premium
Wish your loved one much success, but with you as her teacher I don't see a problem :-)
Encourager1 Premium Plus
Thanks, Luc! I will pass on your sentiment to my wife!!
drjec Premium
This is really exciting. My wife will be retiring soon. She has been thinking about setting up a website. I am going to show her your post for encouragement.
Encourager1 Premium Plus
A website would be a great thing to do during retirement!
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Awesome, that's really great news.

We are so happy for you.
Encourager1 Premium Plus
Thanks, Abie!