I'm Updating My Old Content To Include Tables & [Why You Should Too]

Last Update: May 01, 2020

Today I have been going through my old content and seeing what I can improve to help it rank better. I have a lot of posts that rank on page two or three of Google and Bing and I would like to bring them onto page one.

So I decided to add information tables where ever possible into my posts. Google loves tables of information and so do readers because they can easily find the information they are looking for just by glancing at a table instead of having to read through the whole post. Tables do come in handy on a user and search engine side.

Most of the articles I'm improving on are reviews of MMO products and companies. Adding information about the products, the price of the products and features of the products into a table format will help in better ranking of the article.

Not guaranteed to rank better but puts a little extra Google Juice into the content that can't hurt and your readers will at least appreciate it.

If you would like to add tables to your content there is a great plugin that you can use to that called TablePress. Here's a good article on how to install and configure a table using TablePress:


I encourage you to add tables to your content where ever possible to help with search engine rankings and a better user experience!

Until Next time,


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Cheenzie Premium
Hello Cory,

I am using the table press plug in you suggested but it seems to not be responsive to a table or mobile. I have a table with 4 columns, and the last column is not visible with the tablet and the table also seems to be staggered to the right of the page. Any suggestions? I have sent a help question through the wordpress forum but no luck yet.

Thank you so much
Encourager1 Premium
I have only used that plugin a few times for one of my sites so I don’t have much experience with it. I would suggest that you contact the plugins customer support.

Sorry I couldn’t help you out.

Cheenzie Premium
Ok thank you.
MinaKim Premium
Thanks Cory for sharing. I'm gonna try it.
Dorrie1 Premium
Thank You great information
CCelest Premium
Thank you Cory. Useful information there.
Sui_generis Premium
Tables and infographics always hold my interest since I'm a visual person. They make me stay longer on a site. So, perhaps you have a great idea there, Cory.