I'm Switching to Block Editor

Last Update: May 23, 2021

After watching Jay's training on the Block Editor I have decided to switch from the Classic Editor. The classic editor will eventually become obsolete and won't be supported by WordPress so now is the time to embrace change and go with the Block Editor.

Why I Chose to Switch to the Block Editor

There are a few reasons why I have chosen to switch to the block editor. One of the main reasons is that it will not be supported by WordPress in about a year's time.

You can do so much more with the Block Editor than you can do with the classic editor. I also like how you can integrate buttons and tables right in the block editor on the fly without having to go in and out of other plugins to get the job done. This saves a ton of time and energy.

Increase Site Speed

Right now I have two plugins that I use for buttons and tables and if I can eliminate them it will help increase my site speed.

With all of Google's core updates as of late, the speed of your site is an important ranking factor that you need to consider and fewer plugins mean a faster website.

You Can Style Each Block

Each block can be styled to your liking. This helps your article stand out from other articles. You can essentially get more creative with your articles than you could with the classic editor.

Cleaner Code

The Block Editor has a much cleaner code than the classic version. Google loves clean code and a cleaner code will help increase your site's speed as well.

When All is Said and Done

I believe the block editor is a win-win! It helps us save time when editing our posts. It helps speed up our websites by eliminating a few plugins. And with a faster website, we have a better chance at ranking on page one of Google!

You can check out Jays Block Editor Training here:


So my question is to you: Have you switched to Block Editor yet and if so how do you like it?

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
It is something that I need to buckle down and do too, Cory!

Newme202 Premium
I do love the blog editor. I think it is brilliant with its many features

My misgivings are I sometimes find it hard to edit in the block editor, but I am thinking that I need to try to get to grips with it especially as it will the main focus in the next year
edhozubin Premium
The tools of Block Editor are far Superior to the Classic Editor. However, the classic will load faster than the block. That is not a reason to go block. I will going block myself soon.

baughsten Premium
I’m with you on this. A bit of a challenge but worth the effort.
EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Wise decision indeed. I also like the ability to change font sizes and colors as well as create tables. This helps us make our posts more effective.


Encourager1 Premium Plus
The ability to make tables and buttons inside the editor is a big plus for me. Anytime you can eliminate a plugin is a good thing!