October Conclusion - 62 Sales, 1.9K Visitors, And $33

Last Update: October 27, 2020

Hello everybody. I know that most of you are here to make money. People want to know. WHAT IS THE BLOODY SECRET? TELL ME ALREADY! With that, you need to make sales. To make sales, people have to trust that you know what you are talking about. People have to crave your suggestions. If you want to make money by selling others products, the products need to solve a problem that your visitor is trying to solve. Affiliate marketing.

For example, my niche is fishing. Love to fish. Many have the problem of not knowing what lures to pick for largemouth bass. I made a post about the best largemouth bass lures and threw in my affiliate links. It got ranked and people saw it. They clicked through and purchased some of them for themselves. I got profit from Amazon. Its just that easy. Make a ton of posts that solve problems and inside, suggest products that solve the problem your customer wants.

DO NOT FORGET YOUR AFFILIATE LINKS TO YOUR PRODUCTS! Google doesnt hate them! They love them as long as they are HELPFUL to your visitors. Don't worry about penalties. Anyways, I have not touched the site any at all this month because I am restoring old posts by fixing images and formatting. The result was that I got 62 sales with only 1.9K visitors. That equates to over $33 for the month! That equals roughly 25.29 pounds. I will continue the work once I got everything formatted for the omnious Google spiders. I will keep you updated on my progress because I am actually getting excited to work on it some more.

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
Thanks for the share, awesome stuff. All the best.
Joes946 Premium
Just keep posting quality content on your website. You have to see a lot of content, good stuff that people want to read. You will begin to get hits. Keep at it.
lesabre Premium
Great stuff David. Congratulations and continued success.

JeffreyBrown Premium
Well done, David!