What a looooooong strange trip it's been!

Last Update: April 06, 2019

Morning, everyone!

So I logged into WA a few minutes ago to find that I had earned a badge! I was pretty shocked because I don't spend a lot of time here unfortunately. I thought there must be some mistake.

My badge is for being a member for 6 years! 6 YEARS? Actually, it's longer. I can't remember a time when I wasn't a member of WA. I found WA way back in the beginning when they were just getting started. I joined for a while then left then came back and eventually became a premium member. I think I've been a premium member for 6 years. That sounds about right.

How did I get here? I wanted to learn affiliate marketing for free. I became very interested in ecommerce and websites and wanted to learn the nuts and bolts of it all. Now, I do have a technical background. I worked in technical support for 14 years and loved it but I really wanted to work for myself. Building a business with websites was the perfect marriage.

There have been tons of awesome changes here over the years but there are 2 big things that have really changed here. (1) the price of membership has come way down and (2) the free version of Jaaxy that is included with your membership. That has been something I've wanted for a very long time! I find it sooooo useful! I'm a huge fan of Jaaxy!

What's been really nice is the evolution of my business. I've built sites for friends and been paid to build sites. I love the business I have right now. I only really started taking it seriously in the last year or so and have really started to crank it up.

What Has Stuck With Me

One of the big problems I've had is that making money online when you live outside the U.S. can be a huge challenge. At least it was back when I was looking. It's become much easier in the last few years. But back then I found a website that had tons of information about how you could make money inside and outside the U.S. So I checked the reviews and used some of the tips on making money doing surveys and stuff.

Multiple Streams of Income

When I first read this concept on Eddy Salomon's site, I'll admit it was hard to take in. How could I make multiple streams of income when I was having a hard time with one? And what the heck was multiple streams of income anyway? It boggled my mind! Now, I get it!


This, also was another one I didn't much believe in. If you've been through the free training here, you'll remember that word. In order to get traffic to your website you have to consistently add content. This one was by far the hardest lesson I learned. I built a website and threw up a few months of content. As soon as the traffic started increasing and I started getting sales, I thought, ok, that's done. And I promptly forgot all about it thinking it was a spinning plate that would keep on spinning for me! WRONG! Traffic dropped. Sales dropped. Rankings dropped.

Over this past Christmas I decided that I would start writing again CONSISTENTLY!! So I created a content schedule and got to work. I have seen my visitors steadily increase over the last few months. My goal is to increase my visitors by 500 each month. I met my goal in March. So far, for the month of April, I'm already up 250 visitors! And it's not even the middle of the month yet! PROGRESS!

How I Make Money Online

Once you start experiencing success with your website, you will gain enough confidence to take it to the next level--should you decide that's what you want. Here's how I got started.

  • I started building websites for friends for free so I could learn Wordpress
  • Continued learning through WA and still do to this day. Afterall, things change pretty quickly in this world!
  • Helped as many people as I could even when I didn't think I was good enough yet
  • Discovered how much I loved building WP sites, writing, and keyword research
  • Networked with people as much as possible and started offering my services

Now I have a business that provides me with multiple streams of income. I write for myself on my own site as well as for others. I also take jobs building websites for people and doing social media posting.

Why Multiple Streams Of Income Is Important

If you plan to make a living doing this, then you should be careful not to put all your eggs in one basket. Whether it's with clients or affiliate marketing. Relying on one client for your sole source of income can be a disaster. What if that gig goes away for some reason? You are then left with no source of income. Same with affiliate marketing. Don't just promote Amazon. Join individual affiliate networks so you have a few different sources of income. Eventually, you'll have a ballpark number when it comes to your monthly income that you can start to rely on. I track that too. Last month, I met my income goal and the number of hours I wanted to work.

What A Long Strange Trip It's Been!

Wow! So I feel like I've run a marathon in terms of how much I know now vs. what I knew way back when. I have a few steady clients and I'm working on my own stuff. It's a nice balance. The learning process for me has been a blast and I've really enjoyed the ride! I hope you are enjoying the ride as well!

To your success!

Great.....now I can't get that Grateful Dead song out of my head! :D

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JaneMahlehle Premium
Great job Alanna! I wish you all the best.
emerald860 Premium
Thank you, Jane! You too!
JaneMahlehle Premium
I appreciate, thanks 😊
MKearns Premium
Building a website is enough to make me grateful alive Alanna
emerald860 Premium
Yup! Me too!
SamiWilliams Premium
Congratulations Alanna,
I think your story is true of all of us here with WA. You have to find your niche, the one that fits you,
The twists and turns make the journey so much more interesting,
I also agree with the consistency. Add as well, continuing to learn and grow.
emerald860 Premium
Hi Sami! I learned a few lessons the hard way alright! The best thing is that there's always someone here to help. I've relied heavily on WA to get me through when I was ripping my hair out! Alanna
Hudson Premium
Hi there, a really interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to update us all on your journey. Some very useful and great messages also.
emerald860 Premium
Thank you, Hudson!
jivitajay Premium Plus
Congrats Alanna, and must say what a ride:) You are always helpful and encouraging Alanna, thanks a lot!

emerald860 Premium
Glad you enjoyed the post, Jivita! Always happy to help when I can! Alanna