Last Update: May 25, 2018

Over the past three and a half weeks, the total time I have been a member of WA, I have begun an odyssey that currently looks terrifying. I know this is temporary. I know it's that old spectre of fear forcing me to doubt myself, raising dreadful questions about whether or not I have what it takes to make a serious go at this affiliate marketing venture.

As I discover the ever-deepening rabbit hole that is training/learning, as I read post after post, as I explore what others are doing, I feel my stomach climbing up my chest. I know I must surrender to this process. It's natural, right? Feeling like you've entered the game a day late, and there's lots to catch-up on?

So, I guess I'm just writing to share a brief moment of wondering what I'm doing here. This, too, shall pass. I've taken the plunge; I've committed to this. Here goes...

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marmar463 Premium
It sounds to me that you are overwhelmed and you don't know which way to turn around.

This is what you do take a step back take a breath and breathe take a break and relax let everything catch up to you. Do something that you enjoy doing. Then after you do that come on back to work refresh and ready to do some work.

You have cleared your head got some fresh ideas then you can work with this. I hope this is helpful to you and you are still in training take notes on the videos that way you have something to refer back to.

And if you get stuck just ask questions we as the community is ready and willing to help you out.
ELMatthews Premium
Thank you, Mary. You're right, of course. I have one task left to finish level 2. I think I will spend a little more time just looking at others' work before I dive into the next level.

Thank you, again!
marmar463 Premium
You are so very welcome no problem
Kerjackie Premium
Hi, ElMatthews, keep going it is worth it, it might take six months or a year but slowly you will gain traction. everyone started from scratch like me, knowing so little from Internet online business, Here I am after seven months, and I'm still learning the process, it is normal to worry, don't get discouraged, stick into the step by step training, ask for help when you needed, by asking as many questions you want everyone help each other here.
Be successful.
ELMatthews Premium
Thank you, Jaqueline. Yes, the learning curve here is brutal...but fun. I really am having a blast learning so much. I think I just hit that information overload point briefly where, much like someone who has overeaten, I'm feeling the effects of overeating. You know, regret for eating so much, not totally able to see the end of the glutted state. I know that feeling changes, but here I am. I have no intentions of giving up. This training, and eventual way of life, is teaching me to wrestle with my perfectionism, so...there's that. Yeah, just two days ago I finally got up the nerve to upload a music video onto YouTube (and it wasn't my best performance; even a sour chord). It's out there now, and I am living with it. More than that, I am ready to record another. I've wanted to do that for over ten years. This training, among other things, has made my desire a reality.

Thanks, Jaqueline!
HeidiY Premium
After 3 months I’m feeling slightly less terrified if that helps :)

I don’t doubt the training or the premise of WA and affiliate marketing but I still have that nagging feeling that I’ll get 12 months down the track and have no sales and no traffic.

Time will tell but I’m learning as much as I can and putting it all into my site so it won’t be for lack of trying.

Best wishes for your success.
ELMatthews Premium
Heidi, thank you for the kind and sympathetic words. I know this training will pay off. I'm putting my life on it, committing an honest part-time effort to do it up front with plans to make it full time.

Sometimes our perspective fools us into believing untruths. I know that nagging feeling you mention; it's just a feeling. It goes away. If I can help you in any way, please let me now. I'm following you now.

Best wishes for you!