Being Amonst The Stars

Last Update: November 06, 2018

I'm very grateful to be here and thank you for having me.

One of the family member's here once ask, I'm not sure how it was asked of me about being a millionaire. This is my answer to the question. I've always dreamed and vision of myself walking among the stars of being a Billionaires but if I'm walking and talking with Millionaires and Billionaires then I'm not to far off from the reality of my dream. I'm like a child just learning how to ride a tricycle egar ride my bicycle with training wheels on it, but when I feel that "Wow" factor being amongst the stars. Reality would have set in.

I see and feel a lot of family love here as we are all sharing our dreams and goals turning them into reality.


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firstlearn Premium
Welcome Elma.

smartketeer Premium
Thank you for joining us Elma!