I have money in Adsense ! Yay !

Last Update: February 09, 2015

Yesterday I tried to create a new Adsense account for my websites in WA thinking I should have a fresh start. Google did not allow me to do so tracing me to another email which I have not used for many years.

Anyway I logged in with that email and SURPRISE ! There was USD71 in the Adsense account ! Okay, I will continue with that account. Google allows you to add in new emails so that was okay.

Ah well USD71 for doing nothing is not bad but that was from 5 blogs since 2008 when I just started blogging for fun and test the "blog for money" theory which was the fad then.

Thanks ,Google , lets hope the amount increase much faster from now on.

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Larry MaC Premium
good for you. Spend it well.
Anewcreature Premium
Great story as well as encouraging. Keep up the great work!
Heroba Premium
pretty cool! Congrats
Shawn Martin Premium
David-Salt Premium
How crazy! It's like a gift you didn't expect!
elliseng Premium
yes it is indeed !