One Month at WA- a realistic overview for myself

Last Update: October 18, 2015

Thought I would update on my first month at WA :) It has been a fantastic and uplifting journey so far however I have been feeling a little discouraged lately, been a little overwhelmed with finishing my website. But as of today I only have the affiliate links to add to my final products page and the base of my main content is finally done!

I have completed the first 4 courses and let me tell anyone who is trying to get started here at WA- you have to keep on going!

For me this has actually taken quite a lot of effort to get here. I have been blogging, adding content pages or trying to add affiliate links to my site every week day for the past month and it can get draining. The traffic starts slow and not everything you put time and effort into writing is indexed straight away however it all slowly keeps building momentum. I have have a modest but decent amount of traffic to my site for the first month and every time I lose my positive attitude I go back to the WA lessons and keep learning and improving my site, which always pays off. I have struggled with some things - for instance I can't for the life of me figure out how to put a +G on my website!!! but otherwise everything else is working according to the WA plan and I am very grateful.

The next step for me now that my website is basically done is to keep improving on my content- learning how to optimize your key words properly takes time! And I need to figure out how to turn my traffic into conversions - I may be on the wrong track with that one? :S but thanks to the guidance at WA I have accomplished so much more than I would have been able to do on my own! I have a website full of content and one that is already generating me a little stream of traffic which will one day possibly turn into a river!

Thanks again WA.

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A great testimony!
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Congratulations and keep up the good work!
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Thanks :)
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Congrats on your accomplishment!