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Thought I would update on my first month at WA :) It has been a fantastic and uplifting journey so far however I have been feeling a little discouraged lately, been a little overwhelmed with finishing my website. But as of today I only have the affiliate links to add to my final products page and the base of my main content is finally done!I have completed the first 4 courses and let me tell anyone who is trying to get started here at WA- you have to keep on going! For me this has actually take
September 26, 2015
OMG I just found my website on google and I have only written my site intro so far- no blog and no products yet and I'm already on page 8!!!!!! I know this probably sounds incredibly silly to a lot of you and I'm not even sure if it's normal or not but I can only say that it was pretty exciting coming across it before the double digits :) I'm currently working through course 2 and I was staring to feel a little overwhelmed with getting off the ground- turns out that if you follow the lessons it
September 23, 2015
So I have now moved into premium training and 2 lessons in I have already had a new epiphany... this business process really is the real deal- Kyle and Carson are geniuses!We are all told when we join that this is not a 'get rich quick' building platform yet I still found myself thinking about how to make a fast dollar and looking for money success stories. It is now with immense satisfaction that I have finally keyed in to what is a gold ticket ingredient to WA- it's not just about the money,
September 22, 2015
Is it just me or is the air fresher up here? wow...22hrs to go and I hit the 'upgrade to premium' button feeling like I was playing Russian Roulette with my computer and couldn't keep my finger off that mouse for one more second or the result would be catastrophic!... is it weird that upgrading gave me an adrenalin rush :s??... Lets hope I can explain to my husband why it will be worth it before he has time to get cranky at me... I'M SO EXCITED!!!