New Domain, New Attitude

Last Update: September 23, 2015

So I have now moved into premium training and 2 lessons in I have already had a new epiphany... this business process really is the real deal- Kyle and Carson are geniuses!

We are all told when we join that this is not a 'get rich quick' building platform yet I still found myself thinking about how to make a fast dollar and looking for money success stories. It is now with immense satisfaction that I have finally keyed in to what is a gold ticket ingredient to WA- it's not just about the money, I am actually immensely enjoying learning how to build a proper business up from scratch! Yes there is the very real potential to build it up so it will eventually turn a tidy profit but until then it's still my own business and I'm being taught how to manage it perfectly.

I watched my mum struggle to open and maintain a tea house when I was in high school; it consisted of long gruelling hours cooking, huge headaches of trying to figure out the process behind the books and administrative handling, and the constant worry of not pulling in enough money to get off the ground. By small business standards she actually did pretty well however that didn't change the fact that 3 years later she had to close the doors and walk away without much to show but boxes of tea cups.

Many think of these things when wanting to break away and start the dream of running your own business, I know I did when I was mulling over starting a PT business for mums and bubs. However WA has now taken all the difficult and stressful elements out of this process and replaced it with guidance every step of the way and a wonderful sense of excitement for the future. My advice would be for those who are still primarily thinking about making fast money more so than focusing on the lessons Kyle and Carson have set up for a functioning business platform and it's this- this process is extremely rewarding even before the money starts being made, enjoy it and take value in the hours and hours of training that people who are now successful have set up for those of us who are just starting out.

Enjoy your journey,


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BushiAntz Premium
I was guilty of looking for a quick way to make money from this, but I quickly realized that I wasn't going to make anything with that attitude :)

The most important asset to any business is the customers, your audience. Everything you do should be in the best interest of them. Helping them sort out their daily problems.
Once you have become good at that (You can never master this) then the money will fall behind it :)

Some people on WA forget to realized when they first join (Myself included) that they're successful entrepreneurs here willing to help you for nothing except out of the goodness of their hearts.

Hope to see more from your progression :)
ElleG Premium
That's so true, I still can't believe how helpful everyone is here just because they are being a good person and helping a mate! I didn't think there were many people left around who still lived by this code but apparently they had all just migrated over to WA ;)

Thanks for checking in on me! :)
BushiAntz Premium
Yeah it looks like it xD.