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Last Update: Sep 24, 2021


Hi Everyone, I worked nearly all day yesterday and Late Saturday night to write 2 posts for my website. I completed a whole lot of training and I did it all having fun. I was wondering how to put pictures on my web pages and I learned how to do it yesterday its great.

I am so happy that I have coined WA the training is great the best thing is that you can ask questions it is excellent. Everyone is so helpful and I am proud to belong to the community.

The funny thing is I just stumbled on to WA while I was listening to an ebook called

The Millionaires Mind Set is a great book to listen to and it did bring me to WA that's the best thing about it.

It is getting late so excuse me that it is only a short blog I haven't slept yet I will write another blog tomorrow. I am so excited about my learning progress I sometimes forget the time and work well into the morning hours. Good night all.

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I have been working hard with the training on WA and enjoying it. I ran into a problem a couple of days ago. I created a page and published it on my website, I had included some product links to Clickbank where I am an affiliate selling several products - when I clicked the links they redirected to one of my post pages, not to the Clickbank offer. I was dumbfounded - every post I created the links worked fine. A member of WA sent me a few video links and I followed them I also changed my Theme on my website and all of a Sutton when I tested my links they worked I was ecstatic finally they worked. I was getting discouraged when I ran into the problem but now I am over the moon it's fixed - I don't quite know how I fixed it but it works I am very Happy again and can go on with the Training at WA and not worry about the links not working.

Awesome progress; keep moving on.

The best laughter to success is ensuring that you're always having fun :)
Keep moving forward
Congratulations on all your achievements so far

When you in the flow, time flys for sure. Love it when I am there.

Great work. Where can I get or listen to The Millionaire Mindset? I am sorry if I bother you. Thank you in advance. Stay safe.

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