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November 25, 2021
I am so glad I did upgrade and payed for the whole year it will save me so much money. I don't have to worry every month to pay. I m also ecstatic that the price will stay the same and will not go up.Thank you WA Elke
October 05, 2021
I am learning something new every day and I have learned so much since I joined WA. I would have never ventured this far if I did it on my own - I still upload YouTube #shorts but my main priority is working on my two websites in WA. I never look back and I am so glad I joined WA.
September 30, 2021
I have been indexed in Google this is a Milestone for me I never thought I would make progress so quickly. I have learned so much since I joined WA and its been fun all the way
September 24, 2021
Hi Everyone, I worked nearly all day yesterday and Late Saturday night to write 2 posts for my website. I completed a whole lot of training and I did it all having fun. I was wondering how to put pictures on my web pages and I learned how to do it yesterday its great. I am so happy that I have coined WA the training is great the best thing is that you can ask questions it is excellent. Everyone is so helpful and I am proud to belong to the community. The funny thing is I just stumbled on to WA
September 22, 2021
Having a nice warm day I love the Summer