90 Day Challenge

Last Update: October 29, 2015

Day 5, and only 85 to go?! eeeeek! (90 Day Challenge)

Balance, schedule, consistency!

There it is, and I commit to a daily minimum of an hour on WA. At the moment the web site has been slowing me down, but I have received some excellent help along the way :)


I was feeling frustrated because the template that I initially chose was too simple, and then I dove into one which was too complicated. Our audience need to be able to navigate easily, and this great reminder that I received was that a lot of people are on their phones looking at sites (loading time etc. to consider).

So with that, I will be putting in as much time as possible to the lessons to get the web site up and running!

"Anyone else have any great tips for me?!"

Thank you in advance! Elisa ;)

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KatieMac Premium
Just keep going it will all just come together or as my mum used to say it will come out in the washing lol have a great weekend
ElisaGunnar Premium
Thank you Katie, I appreciate the encouragement! Hope that you're also having a lovely weekend! E :)
AlexEvans Premium
Follow the process it all works out , sounds like you have a handle on it. Always pays to start looking at how you intend to monetise your sure when you get it in place especially if it is a niche site . If you are promoting WA that process is not so complicated . Keep up the good work Elisa.
ElisaGunnar Premium
Thanks Alexander! This particular week I have a new store to open, so have been fully occupied with that commitment...will get my WA groove back on after opening, and the dust has settled :) Have a great weekend! E