I am pleased with where I am at this point.

Last Update: August 11, 2017

I am pleased with my progress. Both of my sites have been indexed in Google (livingfromyourheart.org and healing-jewelry.org). I enjoy the lessons. The videos are so helpful and I am able to get the tasks done after each lesson. I am still trying to find photos that I can use in my sites. I am a very visual person and feel photos help a great deal. I am finding them, slowly but surely. Katherine

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JeannineC Premium
If you choose to add the Etsy affiliate program to your site, as an affiliate you have access to the photos of their products. Most merchants operate that way - if you are a member of their program, you can use the photos in their datafeed.
@RICH. Premium

Why not have a look at some of the paid stock libraries?

For example, Stock Unlimited http://www.stockunlimited.com offers unlimited downloads for a month for $9, which should be long enough to stock up on a year-or-two's worth of photos!

Adobe at http://stock.adobe.com is offering 10 free images for new sign ups.

I believe Dreamstime http://dreamtimes.com is offering 5 free images.

Also, all of the above offer financial indemnity against any copyright infringement claims.

Just don't forget to cancel any subscriptions before you get charged!!
Eleuthera Premium
Thank you, Rich, I will look into those. This community is full of information and support!

@RICH. Premium
No probs. you're most welcome! :)